Invited Speakers & Topics

FiO 1: Optical Design and Instrumentation

  • 1.1 General Optical Design, Fabrication, Testing, and Instrumentation

    Jyrki Saarinen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland
    Title to be Announced

  • Simon Thibault, Université Laval, France
    Title to be Announced

  • Allen Yi, Ohio State University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 1.2 Coherence, Interference, and Polarization

    Stanley Pau, University of Arizona, USA
    Full Stokes Imaging Polarimeter

  • Amit Ashok, University of Arizona, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Laura Waller, University of California Berkeley, USA
    Computational Illumination for Phase Retrieval

  • Guoan Zheng, University of Connecticut, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 1.3 Three-Dimensional Optical Structure Design, Fabrication and Nanopatterning

    Andrea Armani, University of Southern California, USA
    Integrated Hybrid Microcavities for Low Threshhold Lasers

  • Debashis Chanda, University of Central Florida, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Martin Lavery, University of Glasgow, UK
    Title to be Announced

  • Becky (R.L.) Peterson, The University of Michigan, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 1.5 Freeform Optics

    Zexin Feng, Tsinghua University, China
    Title to be Announced

  • 1.7 Mobile Imaging and Wearable Imaging Optics

    Bernard Kress, Google Inc, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Khaled Sarayeddine, Optinvent Inc., France
    Title to be Announced

FiO 2: Optical Sciences

  • 2.1 Laser-plasma-based Secondary Sources (Particle and Light Generation with Laser Plasma)

    Anthony Gonsalves, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Matthias Schnürer, Max-Born Institute, Germany
    Title to be Announced

  • Jörg Schreiber, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany
    Title to be Announced

  • 2.2 Engineered Frequency Combs in Passive and Active Systems

    Jerome Faist, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
    Title to be Announced

  • Joe Hodges, NIST, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Thomas Schibli, University of Colorado, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 2.3 Laser-matter Interaction (Material Processing)

    Martynas Beresna, Optoelectronics Research Centre University of Southampton, UK
    Title to be Announced

  • Brian Simonds, University of Utah and NIST, USA
    Title to be Announced

FiO 3: Optics in Biology and Medicine

  • 3.1 Fibers for Biomedical Applications (joint with FiO 5)

    Olav Solgaard, Stanford University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 3.2 Microscopy and OCT

    Michael Choma, Yale University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Chris Schaefer, Cornell University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 3.3 Optical Trapping and Manipulation

    Elliot Botvinick, UC Irvine, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Kishan Dholakia, St. Andrew’s University, UK
    Title to be Announced

  • 3.4 Biophotonics for Point-of-Care and Global Health Applications

    Steve Wereley, Purdue University, USA
    Title to be Announced

FiO 4: Fiber Optics and Optical Communications

  • 4.1 Emerging Technologies for High Speed Optical Communications

    Tobias Kippenberg, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, France
    Chipscale Microresonator Based Optical Frequency Combs

  • Alan P. T. Lau, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
    High-speed, Long-haul, Quasi-singlemode Transmission Using Few-mode Fiber

  • Alexei Pilipetskii, TE Subcom, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Sid Ramachandran, Boston University, USA
    Optical Vortices in Fiber for Telecommunications

  • Hidehiko Takara, NTT Corporation, Japan
    Unrepeatered Transmission using Multi-Core Fiber

  • Sergei Turitsyn, Aston University, UK
    Nonlinear Fourier Transform for Optical Communications

  • 4.2 Optical Fiber Sensors

    Vahid Ataie, University of California San Diego, USA
    Fast Random Event Detection Using Optical Frequency Comb

  • Francesco Baldini, Institute of Applied Physics, National Research Council, Italy
    High-performance label-free biosensing by Long Period Gratings

  • Branko Glišić, Princeton University, USA
    Methods for Structural Health Monitoring Based on Long-Gauge and Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors

  • David Hill, OptaSense Ltd., UK, UK
    Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) for Pipelines Protection and Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring and Diagnostics

  • Jochen Kuhnhenn, Fraunhofer-Institut Naturwisseschaftlich-Technische Trendanalysen, Germany
    Fibre Optic Radiation Sensor Systems for Particle Accelerators

  • Andrea Trita, Ghent University, Belgium
    Compact on Chip FBG interrogator Based on AWG Spectrometers

  • 4.3 Novel Light Generation and Manipulation in Fiber Devices

    Claudio Conti, University of Roma, Italy
    Anderson Localisation in Random Fibers

  • Philippe Delaye, Institute of Optics, France
    Raman-free Generation of Photons Pairs in Liquid Filled Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fibres

  • Julien Fatome, University of Burgundy, France
    Nonlinear Polarization Manipulation in Optical Fibers

  • Dmitry Skryabin, University of Bath, UK
    Parametric oscillator using solitons and dispersive wave interaction in a nonlinear fiber

  • 4.4 Novel Materials and Design for Optical Fibers

    Bruno Bureau, University of Rennes, France
    Chalcogenide Fibers for Sensing Applications

  • Liang Dong, Clemson University, USA
    Advanced Fiber Designs for Fiber Lasers

  • Arnaud Mussot, University of Lille 1, France
    Topographic Optical Fibers : New Perspectives in Nonlinear Guided Optics

  • David Rockwell, Raytheon, USA
    A VLMA Rectangular-core Fiber Amplifier Generating 1-mJ, MW-class Peak-power Pulses at 1560 nm

  • 4.5 Raman Fiber Lasers and Their Applications

    Johan Nilsson, University of Southampton, UK
    High power Raman fibre lasers

  • Roger Stolen, Clemson University, USA
    (History of) Raman Fiber Lasers and amplifiers

FiO 5: Integrated Photonics

  • 5.1 Waveguide integrated optics

    Fred Kish, Infinera, USA
    InP Photonic Integration

  • Meint Smit, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
    InP Photonic Integration

  • 5.2 Silicon Photonics

    Roel Baets, Ghent University , Belgium, Belgium
    Hypersound in a Silicon Photonic Nanowire

  • Keren Bergman, Columbia University, USA
    Silicon Optical Interconnects and Networks on Chip

  • Sasan Fathpour, CREOL, USA
    Nanophotonics Integration: Novel Materials and Devices

  • Peter T. Rakich, Yale University, USA
    Brillouin Scattering in Nanoscale Silicon Waveguides

  • Alwyn Seeds, University College London, UK
    Silicon Lasers

  • 5.3 Hybrid integration

    Connie Chang-Hasnain, University of California Berkeley, USA
    Tunable VCSELs

  • John Dallesasse, University of Illinois-Urbana Champaigne, USA
    Hybrid Photonic Integration

  • Greg Fish, Aurrion, USA
    Hybrid Integration

  • 5.4 Photonic cystals

    Qimin Quan, Harvard-Rowland Institute, USA
    Nanocavity Sensing

  • 5.5 Strongly confined and nanoscale guided-wave devices

    Uriel Levy, Hebrew University, Israel

  • Hooman Mohseni, Northwestern University, USA
    Nanophotonic Devices for Infrared Sensing and Imaging

  • 5.6 Surface Plasmons

    Alexandra Boltasseva, Purdue University, USA
    New Materials for Plasmonic Devices

  • 5.7 General integrated photonics

    Young-Kai Chen, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, USA
    Photonics Integrated Circuits for Access and Transport Network

  • Shanhui Fan, Stanford University, USA
    Nanophotonics for Energy and Information Applications

  • Hong Liu, Google, USA
    Optical interconnect in Datacenters

  • Daniel Mahgerefteh, Finisar, USA
    Silicon Photonic vs. VCSEL links for Client Optics

  • Bert Jan Offrein, IBM Research GmbH, Switzerland
    Photonics for the Datacenters

  • Ming Wu, University of California Berkeley, USA
    MEMS-Electronic-Photonic heterogeneous Integration

FiO 6: Quantum Electronics

  • 6.1 Integrated Quantum Optics

    Peter Lodahl, Niels Bohr Inst., University of Copenhagen, Denmark
    Photonic Quantum-information Processing with Quantum Dots in Photonic Crystals

  • Jeremy O’Brien, University of Bristol, UK
    integrated quantum photonics and quantum information processing

  • Linda Sansoni, University of Paderborn, Germany
    Quantum Information Processing with Integrat4ed Optics and Pulsed Light

  • Mark Stevenson, Toshiba, UK
    Quantum Teleportation with Light-emitting-diodes

  • Alexey Ustinov Ustinov, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
    Quantum Metamaterials Based on Nonlinear Superconducting Resonators

  • 6.2 Quantum Communications

    Eleni Diamanti, Paristech, France
    Quantum Communication

  • Hyunseok Jeong, Seoul National University, Korea
    Title to be Announced

  • Wolfgang Tittel, University of Calgary, Canada
    Quantum Comunication and Quantum Repeaters

  • Morio Toyoshima, NICT, Japan
    Title to be Announced

  • 6.3 Quantum Optical Measurement and Quantum Technologies

    Marco Bellini, INO-CNR, Italy
    Hybrid Entangled Quantum States

  • Ian Walmsley, University of Oxford, UK
    Title to be Announced

  • Philip Walther, University of Vienna, Austria
    Photonics Quantum Simulation

  • Andrew White, University of Queensland, Australia
    Photonics Quantum Simulation

  • 6.4 Nonlinear Optics in Micro/Nano-Optical Structures

    Xiaoqin Li, University of Texas, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Lorenzo Pavesi, University of Trento, Italy
    Nonlinear Silicon Photonics

  • John Sipe, University of Toronto, Canada
    Quantum Optical Measurements with Classical Nonlinear Optics

  • Jelena Vuckovic, Stanford University, USA
    Low Power Nonlinear Optics in Nanophotonic Structures

  • 6.5 Optics and Photonics of Disordered Systems

    Mark Brongersma, Stanford University, USA
    Plasmonics and Metasurfaces for device applications

  • Massimo Gurioli, University of Florence, Italy
    Title to be Announced

  • 6.6 General Quantum Electronics

    Rafael Piestun, University of Colorado, USA
    Computational Optical Sensing and Imaging

FiO 7: Vision and Color

  • 7.1 The Use of Animal Eyes to Study Human Vision

    Nathan Doble, Ohio State University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Jennifer Hunter, University of Rochester, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Jesse Schallek, University of Rochester, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • 7.2 Retinal Imaging, Analysis and Vasculature in Healthy and Diseased Eyes

    Toco Chui, Indiana University, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Scott Fraser, University of Southern California, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Iwona Gorczynska, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
    Title to be Announced

  • 7.4 Advances in Ocular Biometry and Studies of the Anterior Eye

    Susana Marcos, CSIC Madrid, Spain
    Title to be Announced

  • Guillano Scarcelli, Harvard Medical School, USA
    Title to be Announced

  • Geun-Young Yoon, University of Rochester, USA
    Title to be Announced