Technical Conference:
17 – 21 October 2016
19 – 20 October 2016

Special Events

Special Events at FiO/LS

Make Valuable Connections. Collaborate.

Join us for Frontiers in Optics in The Optical Society’s centennial year. Held in Rochester, the birthplace of OSA, there will be an impressive lineup of special sessions and events. Check back as events are added and sign up for a sneak peek.


Special Events

OSA Light the Future Speaker Series featuring Michio Kaku

Thursday, 20 October, 11:00 - 13:30

OSA Light the Future Speaker Series featuring Michio Kaku, futurist and theoretical physicist, City College of New York, with Sir Peter L. Knight, emeritus professor, Imperial College, London, OSA Fellow, 2004 President, and Stephen Fantone, Optikos Corporation, OSA Fellow. Join OSA as we celebrate our 100th anniversary with Light The Future speaker and science advocate Michio Kaku. Imagine self-driving cars, 3D printing and a billion pixel camera. One hundred years ago these inventions were unthinkable. Yet today, researchers and industry leaders around the globe are perfecting such innovations that once were the realm of science fiction. Dr. Kaku will share his vision of what discoveries lay ahead. For inquiries, please contact

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