• Technical Conference:  17–21 September 2017
  • Exhibition:  19–20 September 2017

Modes of Presentation

Oral Sessions

The presentation times for oral sessions are as follows: contributed presentations are 15 minutes each, invited talks are 30 minutes, and tutorials are 45 minutes. Each presentation will have a break for questions during the last 2-3 minutes of each presentation.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions are scheduled to provide an opportunity for selected papers to be presented in greater visual detail and should facilitate vivid discussions with attendees. All poster presenters will be supplied with a bulletin board that is 8-feet high x 4-feet wide.  As the bottom 3 feet are often difficult to view, please plan to have your poster fit within a section that is 5-feet high x 4-foot wide (152 cm x 121 cm).  Presenters will be provided with pins.  Authors must remain in the vicinity of the bulletin board for the duration of the session (60-90 minutes) to answer questions. Note that poster presenters are not supplied with any audiovisual equipment. Those requiring such equipment should refrain from requesting the poster only or poster preferred formats on the submission form.  For more details about Poster Presentation Guidelines click here.

Rapid Fire Oral Presentations

In addition to their posters, selected authors will have the opportunity to give an oral preview of their posters.  Chairs will select the authors giving rapid-fire presentations, which will be given on the Exhibit Hall floor.  Poster previews will consist of brief oral presentations accompanied by one slide.


Like a conventional poster, an e-poster should convey an author’s introduction, motivation, results, and conclusions, on one screen. However, e-posters will provide the author with the option to digitally bring up supplemental details for deeper discussion. Not all authors will be considered for E-Posters.  E-Posters will be selected by Chairs and authors will be notified. 

Authors should plan to spend the majority of their time on the main page.   Links within the main page may bring up supplemental material giving details of methods or calculations, deeper background material, or further directions for future research.  Authors may take advantage of the medium to display movies, but movies should be short and allow the audience to briefly take in the content before moving on.  Authors will be provided a large screen display and will be expected to bring their own computer. They may use any PowerPoint or Adobe PDF for presentation.  Examples of E-posters can be found below.

Postdeadline Session

Postdeadline papers are presented as oral presentations during a special session toward the end of the conference. The presentation time will be determined during sessioning, but is generally around 15 minutes each, including questions.


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