• Technical Conference:  17–21 September 2017
  • Exhibition:  19–20 September 2017

Frequently Asked Questions on Paper Submissions

What is the difference between a submission, an abstract and a summary?

  • A submission is the record that is created in ScholarOne, the online submission system. In order to complete a submission, you must complete the following steps (for some meetings, additional steps may be required):
  • Title (The title in ScholarOne must match the title on the document that you will upload into the system.)
  • Author Block (Enter each and every author that is listed on the document you will upload into the system.)
  • OCIS Codes (Please select two; a complete list can be found at www.opticsinfobase.org/submit/ocis.)
  • If applicable, please choose the category/topic to which your paper should be submitted. Category lists can be found on the web site under Submissions.
  • Presentation Preference (Please select one of the following four options: Oral Only, Poster Only, or Oral or Poster Acceptable.)
  • Copyright (Please mark on the submission site according to your preferences.)
  • 35-word abstract (See below.)
  • Summary (See below.)
  • Membership Status (Please select your current membership status. Membership status has NO impact on whether or not a paper is accepted to a meeting.)
An abstract is a 35-word synopsis of your presentation. The abstract is submitted in its own step on the submission site AND is included in your summary. If your paper is accepted, the abstract will be published, along with the title and author block, in the Conference Program.

A summary is a 1- to 2- page document (the number of pages may vary by meeting), submitted as a PDF, that includes your title, author block, abstract and a summary of your presentation (which may include figures, tables and/or references). This document will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Your actual talk may include more information than the summary, and will usually be supplemented with slides or extra information on a poster board. If your paper is accepted, the summary is included in the Technical Digest.

Are there guidelines for formatting my summary?

Yes. The style guide can be found on the Paper Preparation page under “Submissions” on the meeting website.

What are the length requirements for submitting a paper?

If you are submitting a paper to the Frontiers in Optics meeting, your paper should not exceed 2 pages.  If you are submitting a paper to the Laser Science meeting, you paper should not exceed 1 page.

Will I receive a confirmation that my submission was received?

Confirmations are sent automatically from our submission site after you have completed your submission.

Will I be notified of acceptance or rejection?

Yes. After the Program Committee has reviewed the submissions and decided which to accept for presentation at the meeting, you will be informed of the decision by email. Only the author designated the primary/presenting author at the time of submission will receive notification. The email will come from cstech@osa.org. Please set your spam filter to receive emails from this address in order to assure your timely notification.

Help! The deadline is approaching and I have not finished my submission. What should I do?

If the deadline is fast approaching, we suggest that you complete the file upload step last and complete all other required steps first (up to and including the abstract). Beginning a record in ScholarOne is critical; papers for which no ScholarOne record has been started cannot be accepted after the deadline.  Authors that have begun a submission before the submission deadline will be granted a 24-hour editing deadline. 

Can I submit my paper after the deadline?

Regular submissions cannot be accepted after the deadline. However, you may submit a postdeadline paper to FiO. The deadline for submitting a postdeadline paper is 28 August 12:00 EDT (16.00 GMT). Keep in mind that postdeadline presentations should describe new and significant material in rapidly advancing areas. A limited number of postdeadline submissions will be selected for presentation, and only those papers judged to be truly excellent and compelling in their timeliness will be accepted.

Will my paper be published, if accepted?

If accepted, your paper will published in Optics InfoBase, OSA's Digital Library, and indexed in Ei Compendex and Scopus.

If I need assistance or have a question that is not answered here, who should I contact at OSA, and how?

You can contact the Technical Papers staff with questions related to submissions either by phone or email: +1 202.416.6191, cstech@osa.org.

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