• 14 - 17 September 2020
  • Virtual Event - Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-04:00)
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    9/19/2019 5:54:06 AM

    Daily Wrap V: Two Visionary Talks and a Nobel Prize Symposium

    BY OSA Communications

    The Last Day How can it be Thursday already? On this, the fifth and final day of the 2019 FiO + LS Conference, there are two slots of technical sessions offered before and after two Visionary Speakers.

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    9/18/2019 5:43:28 AM

    Daily Wrap IV: Using Light-scattering Nanostructures to Create Colors

    BY OSA Communications

    On the Future of Quantum NetworksToday at FiO + LS, don't miss the plenary talk from Ronald Hanson (pictured), Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, who discusses the concepts, current status and prospects of quantum internet research. The talk, which is held in the Science + Industry Showcase Theater, is preceded by an update on the National Quantum Initiative, offered by University of Maryland quantum physicist Christopher Monroe.

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    9/17/2019 1:38:24 AM

    Daily Wrap III: On the Bizarre World of Light Confinement at the Sub-nanometer Scale

    BY OSA Communications

    The Nobel Laureate Plenary Talk Tuesday at FiO + LS marks the opening of the Science + Industry Showcase — where you can meet exhibitors, connect with other attendees in the OSA Member Zone or Networking Zone or take in up to six show-floor programs, including a plenary talk given by Nobel Laureate Donna Strickland (pictured).

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    9/15/2019 8:23:49 PM

    The Daily Wrap II: A Quantum Recap, A Visionary Talk on Light on the Atom-scale and Special Events

    BY OSA Communications

    FiO + LS Is Officially Off the Ground!Day Two of the conference, and six session rooms will be fully engaged to present concurrent technical content (with invited and contributed talks).Two conference theme programs begin today: Autonomous Systems and Nanophotonics and Plasmonics each offer four sessions. The latter theme includes a Visionary talk from Jeremy J. Baumberg, University of Cambridge, UK, who will show how we now create ultralow volume plasmonic cavities trapping light to the atom scale <1nm3.Finally, the Quantum Technologies theme continues with another day of high-profile speakers on topics such as quantum computing and quantum photonics. If you missed yesterday's sessions, we offer recaps below.

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    9/15/2019 11:54:16 AM

    The Daily Wrap: Entangled in Quantum Technologies

    BY OSA Communications

    The conference begins today with the start of the Quantum Technologies theme program; a day-long symposium presented by Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Entrepeneurship (WiSTEE Connect) and the OSA Foundation; and an evening LGTBQ Meetup — where the first round is on us.

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    9/11/2019 4:09:13 PM

    Become Entangled in this Year’s FiO + LS Quantum Theme

    BY Michael Duncan, OSA Senior Science Advisor

    Image Credit: Atom interferometer, courtesy of M Squared Lasers Limited. Quantum technologies, once an imaginative vision of the future, have emerged in recent years as an essential cornerstone of optics and photonics research and investment. The 2019 OSA Frontiers in Optics and APS/DLS Laser Science (FiO + LS) conference 15 – 19 September will give special focus to the current innovations and future developments of quantum technologies.

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    9/3/2019 3:50:37 PM

    Four Hot Topics Featured in Wide-Ranging Presentations at FiO 2019

    BY OSA Communications

    During the week of 15 September 2019, more than 1,100 attendees including science and industry leaders will converge on the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C., U.S.A., for the Frontiers in Optics and APS/DLS Laser Science (FiO + LS) conference. Here is what to expect!

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    9/21/2018 12:39:47 PM

    Tabletop Particle Physics: Precision Measurements Aid the Search for New Particles

    BY Catherine Meyers

    Mention particle physics, and many people think of enormous atom smashing machines like the Large Hadron Collider, whose 27 kilometers of track lie buried under the Swiss-French border and cost billions of dollars to build. In the Thursday morning talk “Tabletop Probes for TeV Physics,” visionary speaker David DeMille of Yale University encouraged a different perspective.

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    9/21/2018 12:37:38 PM

    Bringing the Quantum Internet to Life

    BY Chris Gorski

    Before a publicly available quantum network or internet can be built, researchers and other stakeholders must establish standards and meet a host of other challenges. At the Thursday session entitled "Quantum Communications and the Future Quantum Internet," a quartet of presenters detailed their efforts to make quantum networks a reality.

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    9/20/2018 7:03:14 AM

    On the Creation of Realistic Virtual Experiences

    BY Nala Rogers

    Imagine mapping the world with an array of pinhole cameras. That's essentially how our eyes make sense of things, sampling a new set of angles each time we move our heads, said Mark Bolas, a professor of interactive media at the University of Southern California, who is currently on leave to work on the Hololens team at Microsoft. In the Wednesday morning visionary lecture "Bending Light to Bend Reality," Bolas explained how a computer can use the same approach to build 3D models—then tweak those models to manipulate a person's reality.

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