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Looking forward to the plenaries (Part II)

Written by Nicole Moore
Previously, I described some of the reasons that I am particularly looking forward to the plenary talk to be given by David Williams.  Today, I plan to discuss why I’m looking forward to that of Paul Corkum.
His title and abstract have been posted recently.  He will, as one might anticipate, talk about attosecond pulses.  It appears that he will discuss them as they pertain to single molecule imaging; I hope that he dwells on this topic for some time.  The fact that his techniques make observations of molecular orbitals evolving in time possible is simply amazing.  There are so many questions that we can ask (and answer with a technique like this) about molecules that it’s almost overwhelming.
For more information about Paul Corkum and his research, I suggest that you read this interview from Highlights in Chemical Technology: http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/ChemTech/Volume/2008/10/Corkum_interview.asp

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