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Can I get a Ham & Cheese w/ my Partial Polarization?

Written by Nicole Moore

This morning I attended a packed session called "Optical Design and Unconventional Polarization I" since I have been interested in radial and azimuthal polarization states for quite some time. I was able to hear numerous talks dealing not only with those polarization states, but also several even less conventional states.  The session ended with a spirited discussion about what the best terminology to use in order to describe the component of the electric (or magnetic) field which is directed along the optical axis at the focus of a radially (or azimuthally) polarized beam. I certainly concluded that I should be more careful about the use of the word "longitudinal" in this context.
I also made it to today's poster session during the lunch break.  I really wish that there was an easy way to order a sandwich, so that I could spend more time at the poster session and still eat lunch.  I think that the lack of lunch options within the convention center reduces attendance at the poster sessions in a rather unfortunate way.  After I ate, I was only able to speak with three or four of the presenters and quickly browse most of the posters, but by the time I made it to the back row, presenters were already taking down their posters.

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