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Where to Eat

Written by Nicole Moore

Even when I lived in Rochester, I was a little stumped about where to eat near the convention center.  Here’s a list of places I like or am planning to try this year that are located near the convention center, including some thoughts. 
Abbott’s Frozen Custard-0.1 miles-If you like sweet, frozen deserts, then Abbott’s is your place.  I’m not 100% sure that the St. Paul location is open year round, but I certainly hope so, because I love Abbott’s.  They’re particularly famous for their chocolate almond custard; I think the best thing I ever had was a day they were swirling tangerine sorbet with vanilla custard to create a delightful creamsicle flavor. 
Dinosaur BBQ-0.2 miles-Dinosaur BBQ is a fun place with good pit BBQ.  It’s also one of the closest restaurants to the convention center, so if you’ve been to FiO in Rochester before, you’ve probably been to Dinosaur.
Pane Vino-0.3 miles-Pane Vino is one of my favorite restaurants in the Rochester area, especially for Italian food.  I have always eaten there when I have had plenty of time to eat slowly and enjoy the meal, so it may not fit into my conference schedule very well.
Java’s Café-0.4 miles-Coffee, pastries, sandwiches and salads.  It’s been a while, but I recall very good coffee.  Also: free wi-fi.
Golden Port Dim Sum-0.4 miles-It’s been a few years since I’ve been to Golden Port, but it has always been pleasant in the past.
Spot Coffee-0.5 miles-Coffee, breakfast, sandwiches and salads.  They apparently have pizza too.  Another good wi-fi option.
Aladdin’s-0.6 miles-I have not been to this location, which is a relatively recent addition at Corn Hill Landing.  My previous Aladdin’s experiences at the other locations have all been very positive.  They specialize in Mediterranean cuisine and would be a good option for vegetarians.
Tap & Table-0.6 miles-This is a new addition at Corn Hill Landing.  It’s a gastropub, with an interesting menu and fairly extensive beer selection.  Reviews have been positive, but I haven’t been personally.
New Taj Indian-0.6 miles-I haven’t been and I haven’t heard anything, but they have a lunch buffet and a fair number of vegetarian options.  I will almost definitely try this one day. 

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