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Frontiers in Optics (FiO): The Must–Attend Meeting

The FiO/LS Marketing team sat down with Nikola Alic , University of San Diego, Program Co-Chair, Frontiers in Optics 2013 to discuss some of the hot topics that will be featured at the conference and reasons why FiO is a leading international meeting in the field of optics and laser science. Nikola Alic

In recent years, FIO has become a really prime conference in the field of optics. 
So in recent years, FIO has become really the prime conference in the field, attracting the most prominent researchers, both established seniors just as well as up and coming students, and I think it really is the place to showcase one’s work, both the latest accomplishments as well as to learn what are the latest trends in the field.  That really seems to attract people from all over the world to come to FIO.
Recently I’ve noticed the trend that the people who do come to FIO once tend to come back again, which I think says a lot about the state of the conference.
What distinguishes FiO from other Conferences?
One thing that really distinguishes FIO from other conferences is interaction with invited speakers.  And in fact, …. the invited speakers stay throughout the conference, allowing their junior colleagues, students or perhaps recent graduates to interact with these prominent speakers over a number of days that can serve a really dual purpose.  On the one hand, it’s often very important for these young up-and-coming scientists to exchange or learn from these established scientists or serve just as a motivation to continue the particular work in their area.  And for that reason, I always really insist that the – or recommend – … that the students always attend FIO.
On the other hand, of course, there are also a number of other workshops or meetings at FIO for instance, women and minorities in optics, which is really a unique place that people can meet their peers.  And in the past I’ve even had really senior colleagues coming up to me and to express their gratitude for having invited them to attend FIO because they were able to distinguish its attributes from the other conferences in the field.
Can you talk to us about what are some of the research trends that you’re seeing that we can look forward to at Frontiers in Optics 2013?
So the two noticeable trends at FIO 2013 would constitute sensors and sensing applications on the one hand, and sources for mid-IR on the other hand. You can view the conference program for specific talk information.

 Are there any symposia you would like to highlight?
So at FIO 2013 we’ll be organizing four outstanding symposia, and I would like to talk really about the one devoted to quantum information processing.  This symposium is organized by Professor Michael Raymer from University of Oregon and Ian Wamsley from Oxford University with an absolutely amazing line-up of speakers, and the symposium will be held on Monday afternoon, and I would like to give everybody heads up to mark their planners because this one symposium is one not to be missed.

For more information direct from our Conference Chairs on FiO/LS technical programming and events, please visit here.

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