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Networking Made Easy: From Nobel Laureates to Young Grasshoppers

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Attendee talks to the legendary Emil Wolf, well-known author and contributor to optics advancements.
While skimming the FiO conference agenda, the uniqueness of the conference jumped out at me. Unlike many other conferences, it covers various topics ranging from fundamental physics to applied technologies. This allows hardcore scientists and application engineers to find their corners of interest with great pleasure. For example, simply by browsing through the list of invited speakers (both FiO and LS), you find optical science is everywhere: from challenging the scientific boundary by creating shorter, and stronger laser pulses, to searching for the deep understanding of the nature, to biology and medicine, and to information processing and telecommunication. Having a technical program like this attracts people from different fields, contributing to a wide range of networking opportunities.

Secondly, the conference is not only broad but also “quality-controlled”. With the effort of the reviewers, you are guaranteed to learn about extraordinary research from each presentation (including poster sessions). Not only that, OSA also has the tradition of encouraging you to discuss research with all the presenters. You can even have a chance to interact with a Nobel Laureate by attending the plenary session.

Thirdly, OSA elevates the networking to another level by reaching out to many important communities, such as to minority and women participants and young grasshoppers. This spirit of reaching out is definitely a great virtue.  The technical program is outstanding but the networking options alone will persuade you to attend. Overall, FiO/LS maintains just the right balance and harmony of networking and educational options that is rare at conferences, in recent years. It is diverse and focused in one agenda. It is educational, inspiring, and competitive (in terms of research) all under the one roof. It combines youth and precious tradition all at the same time. It is a unique conference to have a great time and learn a lot!

For more information on special events and networking opportunities at FiO, visit the website. Also, don’t miss out on meeting industry leaders and learning about innovative solutions and new products during the FiO Expo, free to the public.

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