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FiO/LS 2014: The best in optics and laser science

by Shamsul Arafin

Hello Optics and Photonics Community! My name is Shamsul Arafin. I will be working as one of the official conference bloggers for the FiO/LS 2014, taking place on October 19-23. I have previously blogged for the OSA­organized Advanced Photonics Congress 2013 and CLEO: 2014. This will be my first time blogging and attending the FiO/LS which I am really excited about. Currently, I am a postdoctoral research scholar in UCLA, leading the work on heteroepitaxial growth of GaAs to integrate highly efficient light sources on silicon.

Let me start by telling you what FiO/LS stands for.  These two acronyms have done an outstanding job of representing two vital meetings that present recent progress in research and technology, specifically the latest worldwide advancements in optics and laser science.  So I think that the meeting name - Frontiers in Optics (FiO) / Laser Science (LS), is very fitting.  Both of these meetings also host –the annual meetings for the Optical Society (OSA) and American Physical Society (APS)/ Division of Laser Science (DLS), respectively.

The online itinerary planner already uploaded and accessible from the conference homepage easily confirms the reasons -for my excitement about this conference. First of all, these two meetings will not only unite the OSA and APS communities for five days of quality, ground-breaking research presentations but also provide an opportunity to meet great researchers with cutting-edge ideas in the areas of optics and photonics from around the world. Reviewing the list of FiO/LS invited speakers, it is evident that this conference offers the attendee the unique experience of getting a broad coverage of all things optics, starting from optical design and instrumentation, integrated photonics, fiber optics, optical communications all the way up to optics in biology and medicine. Such a diversified technical program like this attracts people from different fields, contributing to a wide range of networking opportunities.

Secondly , I am almost overwhelmed (but in a good way) when I browse through the list of the amazing Special Events at FiO/LS 2014. The postdeadline sessions, poster sessions, Meet the Journal editors events, LS banquet, plenary and awards presentation as well as the opportunity to visitmore than 60 leading optics companies from all around the globe. All of these events further substantiates the benefit of attending such an  internationally recognized meeting. 

Tucson, AZ, the host city for this meeting, is also known as “Optics Valley” and the sunniest city in the US, where one can discover beautiful mountainous backdrops and experience the vibrant heritage and culture of southern Arizona’s diverse history as well as enjoy many attractions..

Who wants to miss out on these limitless opportunities? Not me, at least. Looking forward to seeing you all in Tucson, AZ.


Posted: 13 Aug 2014 by Shamsul Arafin