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Grant Writing for Young Investigators

Led by Paul Compagnola and Kyle Quinn of the OSA Tissue Imaging and Spectroscopy Technical Group, developed this workshop to provide guidance on the competitive grant proposal process. The workshop detailed how to properly construct a specific aims page for National Science Foundation and National Institute of Health grants. Participants were encouraged to bring their own grant proposals to the workshop in advance to be reviewed onsite.

Compagnola offered practical information for grant proposal writers: write what reviewers are used to seeing, what they want to see, the criteria they are using to judge what they read, their likely approaches to their task, and writing to these shows you are legitimate.

From there Quinn stepped attendees through the granting application process with timelines and details of deadlines. When connecting the dots of the complicated process, he detailed the value of bringing professional networks into the process of reviewing the proposal including mentors, co-mentors and consultants.

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