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The Daily Wrap - Monday, 18 September 2017

Day One: A Focus on Leadership

Three supplemental programs were held on the first day of FiO + LS: a symposium on undergraduate research pairing junior and senior faculty; a professional development conference for more than 200 OSA Student Chapter leaders; and a symposium focused on boosting the presence of women in leadership positions in science and engineering.

The Global Women of Light Symposium

Dozens of industry leaders, researchers, students and other optics professionals came together at OSA’s headquarters in the second “Global Women of Light” symposium — an all-day event co-sponsored by the OSA Foundation and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship (WiSTEE Connect).

As the event’s morning session unfolded, a number of the participants with long experience in working toward more gender equity suggested that the answers will lie partly in the actions of individual women, pursuing their careers with an entrepreneurial drive and actively seeking the sometimes hidden information and resources that underpin career success. But they further stressed that solutions also need to come from cultural changes led from the top. [more]

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Poster presentations at the OSA Student Leadership Conference
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The 2017 OSA Student Leadership Conference

Dr. Andrea Armani’s plenary presentation was entitled “Finding Your PhD Escape Trajectory”. By the beginning of her second year of her PhD program, she was already on her fourth PhD advisor. Dr. Armani had a plan when entering her program, but day one her first advisor told her he was leaving. It was important for her to reevaluate and keep going when things did not go smoothly.

She emphasized that graduate school is not just about the papers produced, it’s also about the skills that you build along the way. You learn the ability to adapt, to understand what is necessary to succeed, and it’s a chance to fail in a protected environment. If a proposal is rejected as a graduate student, it’s a setback, but as a PI, it can be detrimental. Dr. Armani concluded her remarks by noting that communication and networking is a valuable part of graduate school.

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Student Attendees: Laser Science Undergraduate Symposium
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Laser Science Symposium on Undergraduate Research

Sponsored by the American Physical Society, Division of Laser Science, this session was hosted for junior faculty in the optics community who have just started their faculty position within last one-to-two years. This meeting consisted of panel discussion with the senior faculty and a discussion of perspectives on funding presented by DOE and NSF program managers. Attendees heard short presentations from young faculty and a mock panel review. The session was useful for junior faculty to learn from the experience of senior faculty and their peers.

At the same time, attendees had the opportunity to discuss current research trusts with their peers and proposal writing. Participants learned quite a lot of “tips” on preparing proposals, mentoring graduate students, and creating good and inspiring proposal ideas.

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Monday: Visionary Speakers

08:00 – 08:45

A new addition to the Technical Conference: Visionary Speakers come from within and beyond the optics and photonics community — each equipped to provide insight into advances related to the conference themes.

Majed Chergui Jungsang Kim Scott McEldowney

Majed Chergui
Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland

Opportunities with Novel Ultrafast Deep-UV to X-ray Tools

Jefferson East

Jungsang Kim
Duke University, USA

Quantum Computing Using Trapped Atomic Ions

International Ballroom West

Scott McEldowney
Oculus Research, USA

Building the Vision for Autonomous Mobility

International Ballroom East

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Monday: Select Special Events

Workshop: Understanding Unconscious Bias
16:00 – 17:30, Georgetown East

A training to better understand implicit bias, its impact on organizational culture and how to promote greater engagement with diversity and inclusion. [R.S.V.P.]

OSA Evening With the Agencies
16:00 – 18:00, International Ballroom East

Learn about the current state of science funding from representatives of U.S. and international agencies. Then network with key program managers at a post-presentation reception. [R.S.V.P.]

FiO + LS Awards Banquet
18:00 – 21:00, International Ballroom

Join us as we recognize the achievements of award and honor recipients from OSA and APS Division of Laser Science. Tickets must be purchased at Registration (Concourse Foyer) by noon on Monday.

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