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Quantum Communication for the Masses?

Have you ever wondered what makes quantum communication so different than its classical counterpart that we use on all of our devices today?


Then attend the lecture from Prem Kumar, a professor of electrical engineering, computer science and physics at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill, who will describe what exactly differentiates quantum communication from classical communication in a Visionary Speaker session at this year’s OSA Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science APS/DLS Conference. The conference is organized around four themes, each with its own Visionary Speaker.


Kumar will also provide an update of progress being made in advancing quantum communication as a field and address the many hurdles that must be solved before it becomes available alongside classical communication for mass market or for niche applications.


“Quantum communication will need to become practical if we’re going to interconnect quantum computers in the future,” said Kumar. “It’s generally accepted that small-scale quantum computers will become commercially available within the not-too-distant future, but their power will be limited just as the power of the ordinary classical computers was during the 1960s and 1970s.”


Back in those early days, “if visionaries like Vint Cerf hadn’t dabbled with interconnecting computers together to make them work in harmony for advanced applications, such as email, we wouldn’t have what every child takes for granted today,” said Kumar. “While it’s difficult to predict what quantum computers might enable in the future, 21 years ago Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map was considered magical—and now nearly every muggle is carrying one in their pocket.”

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