• Technical Conference & Virtual Exhibits:  31 October – 04 November 2021
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Glioma Tumors Classified using Visible Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning (JW6A.17)

Presenter: Eric Wang, Amity Regional High School

Machine learning algorithms were used to classify and analyze spectral data collected by visible resonance Raman spectroscopy to distinguish normal human brain tissue and glioma tumor tissues at different grades and show promising results.

Authors:Binlin Wu, Southern Connecticut State University / Yan Zhou, Air Force Medical Center / Liang Zhang, PLA General Hospital / Shengjia Zhang, Jiangsu Raman Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. / Xinguang Yu, PLA General Hospital / Eric Wang, Amity Regional High School / Ke Zhu, Chinese Academy of Sciences / Cheng-hui Liu, City College of New York / Robert Alfano, City College of New York

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