• Technical Conference:  23 – 26 September 2024
  • Science + Industry Showcase:   24 – 25 September 2024
  • Colorado Convention Center, Denver, Colorado, USA
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Rapid Determination of Layer Number in Two-dimensional Materials using Four-wave Mixing Spectroscopy (JM4A.51)

Presenter: Torben Purz, MONSTR Sense Technologies

We demonstrate a rapid non-contact determination of layer thickness for exfoliated transition metal dichalcogenides using hyperspectral four-wave mixing imaging, which can be applied for in-situ growth characterization. We corroborate the measurements using atomic force microscopy.

Authors:Torben Purz, MONSTR Sense Technologies / Eric Martin, MONSTR Sense Technologies / Adam Alfrey, University of Michigan / Yuhang Cao, University of Michigan / Hui Deng, University of Michigan / Steven Cundiff, MONSTR Sense Technologies

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