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2017 Awards Recipients

OSA Honorees             APS/LS Honorees        OSA Foundation & Chapter/Section Honorees

  • OSA Honorees

    • Margaret Murnane

      Frederic Ives Medal / Jarus W. Quinn Prize

      Margaret Murnane

      University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

      The Ives Medal/Quinn Prize recognizes overall distinction in optics and is OSA’s highest award. OSA honors Margaret Murnane for pioneering and sustained contributions to ultrafast science ranging from femtosecond lasers to soft x-ray high-harmonic generation to attosecond studies of atoms, molecules and surfaces.

    • John C. Mather

      OSA Honorary Member

      John C. Mather

      NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, USA

      The Optical Society’s Honorary Membership is the Society’s most distinguished membership status and is confirmed by the OSA Board of Directors. John C. Mather was elected for his contribution to NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) project which measured the cosmic background radiation and its anisotropy with amazing precision from 50 to 600 GHz. This is regarded as the starting point of cosmology as a precision science.

    • Martijn de Sterke

      Esther Hoffman Beller Medal

      Martijn de Sterke

      University of Sydney, Australia

      The Beller Medal recognizes outstanding contributions to optical science and engineering education. OSA recognizes Martijn de Sterke for far-reaching contributions to optics and photonics education in Australia and the world through exceptional dedication to classroom teaching, outstanding PhD student advising and a sustained commitment to outreach activities.

    • Paras N. Prasad

      Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award

      Paras N. Prasad

      University of Sydney, Australia

      The Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award recognizes individuals for their innovative and influential contributions to the field of biophotonics, regardless of their career stage. OSA recognizes Paras N. Prasad for pioneering research in biophotonics, particularly in application of nonlinear optical and multiphoton processes, and for promoting biophotonics and educating future researchers through his seminal monographs and reviews.


      Paul F. Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award

      Guide Star Alliance

      Representing TOPTICA Photonics and MPB Communications (MPBC)

      The Forman Team Engineering Excellence Award recognizes team technical achievements in optical engineering. Guide Star Alliance is recognized for the development of the first high-power, fully remote-controlled, turn-key sodium guide star laser system with optimized photon return enabling next-generation adaptive optics under the extreme conditions of telescope sites.

    • Yeshaiahu Fainman

      Joseph Fraunhofer Award / Robert M. Burley Prize

      Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman

      University of California San Diego, USA

      The Fraunhofer Award/Burley Prize recognizes significant research accomplishments in the field of optical engineering. OSA presents this award to Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman for pioneering, seminal and wide ranging contributions to nanoscale engineering linear and nonlinear optical materials and devices for optical information processing systems

    • Alan Bovik

      Edwin Land Medal

      Alan C. Bovik

      The University of Texas at Austin, USA

      The Land Medal recognizes pioneering work empowered by scientific research to create inventions, technologies, and products. It is co-sponsored by OSA and the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. Alan Bocik is honored for substantially shaping the direction and advancement of modern perceptual image quality computation, and for energetically engaging industry to transform his ideas into global practice.

    • Jumpei Tsujiuchi

      Emmett N. Leith Medal

      Jumpei Tsujiuchi


      The Leith Medal recognizes seminal contributions to the field of optical information processing. OSA honors Jumpei Tsujiuchi for early pioneering work in optical information processing, holography and optical metrology, including the first demonstration of coherent optical processing for image restoration.

    • Dirk Englund

      Adolph Lomb Medal

      Dirk Robert Englund

      Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

      The Lomb Medal recognizes noteworthy contributions made to optics at an early career stage. Dirk Robert Englund is receiving this medal for pioneering contributions to scalable solid-state quantum memories in nitrogen-vacancy diamond, high-dimensional quantum key distribution, and photonic integrated circuits for quantum communication and computation.

    • Ming C. Wu

      C. E. K. Mees Medal

      Ming C. Wu

      University of California, Berkeley, USA

      The Mees Medal recognizes an original use of optics across different fields. OSA recognizes Ming C. Wu for the invention of optoelectronic tweezers that enable massively parallel manipulation of individual biological cells controlled by digital optical projectors.

    • Shaul Mukamel

      William F. Meggers Award

      Shaul Mukamel

      University of California Irvine, USA

      The Meggers Award recognizes outstanding work in spectroscopy. Shaul Mukamel is being recognized for developing the theoretical framework of coherent multidimensional spectroscopy for electronic excitations in the optical regime and proposing extensions to the x-ray spectral regime.

    • OSA Treasurer’s Award

      Scott Dineen, The Optical Society, USA

      The Treasurer’s Award recognizes an OSA employee who contributes significantly to organizational excellence, promotes and enacts innovate solutions, or exemplifies inspirational leadership.

    OSA Fellows

    • Applegate
      Brian E. Applegate

      Texas A&M University, USA

      For significant contributions to development of novel multimodal molecular and functional optical imaging approaches and innovations in 3-D cochlear optical vibrometry, and for service to the optics community.



      Roel G. F. Baets

      Ghent University – IMEC, Belgium

      For major contributions to silicon photonics and service to the photonics community.



      John J. Degnan

      Sigma Space Corp, USA

      For leadership in the advancement of laser technology and its applications in satellite and precision interplanetary distance ranging, 3D imaging and atmospheric lidar, free space optical communication and medical instrumentation.




      David W. Hahn

      University of Florida, USA

      For pioneering contributions to the analysis of aerosol particles, including single particle analysis, using laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy while also advancing the fundamental understanding of plasma-analyte interactions.



      N. Asger Mortensen

      University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

      For pioneering contributions to the field of photonic crystal fibers and the theory of nonlocal phenomena in nanoplasmonics.



      Zhe-Yu Jeff Ou

      Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, USA

      For pioneering work in multi-photon interference, quantum entanglement of continuous variables, and narrow-band two-photon sources of light, for the work on precision phase measurement in quantum metrology, and quantum amplification.




      Keith D. Paulsen

      Dartmouth College, USA

      For applications of diffuse optical tomography reconstruction methods and surgical guidance with stereovision and fluorescence.



      Tomasz S. Tkaczyk

      Rice University, USA

      For development of cost effective technologies in optics, opto-mechanics, electronics, and materials to engineer novel imaging instruments, multi-dimensional snapshot imaging modalities, and systems for early detection and treatment of cancer.



      Rashid Zia

      Brown University, USA

      For seminal contributions to the field of nanophotonics, including pioneering work on surface plasmon waveguides, optical-frequency magnetic dipole transitions, and energymomentum spectroscopy.

    APS/LS Honorees

    • DiMauro

      Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science

      Louis F. DiMauro

      The Ohio State University, USA

      The Schawlow Prize in Laser Science recognizes outstanding contributions to basic research which uses lasers to advance our knowledge of the fundamental physical properties of materials and their interaction with light.APS/DL honors Louis F. DiMauro for groundbreaking work in several areas of high field and ultrafast optical science, from high harmonic generation and free electron lasers to attosecond science.

    • Carl E. Anderson Division of Laser Science Dissertation Award

      The Carl E. Anderson Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Laser Science was established in 2013 by the American Physical Society (APS) Division of Laser Science (DLS). Its purpose is to recognize doctoral research in the Laser Science area and to encourage effective written and oral presentation of research results. The award consists of $1,000 USD and a certificate citing the contribution made by the recipient. The finalists will present their work at a special session of the Laser Science conference. The winner will be announced at the DLS business meeting Tuesday.

      The following presentations will be given during this special session:


      Tal Galfsky

      The City University of New York, USA



      Dennis Gardner

      University of Colorado, Boulder, USA



      Vivishek Sudhir

      Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne, Switzerland


      Shuo Sun

      University of Maryland, College Park, USA

    OSA Foundation Prizes and Special Recognitions


      Boris P. Stoicheff Memorial Scholarship

      Established in 2011 by the OSAF and the Canadian Association of Physicists Educational Trust Fund (CAPETF), this program pays tribute to Boris P. Stoicheff, an internationally renowned laser spectroscopist who also served as President of OSA (1976) and CAP (1983-84).This $3,000 USD scholarship is awarded annually to a graduate student who has demonstrated both research excellence and significant service to the optics or physics community.


      Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition

      This competition recognizes the innovation, research excellence and presentation abilities of students presenting their work during FiO and honors Emil Wolf for his many contributions to science and The Optical Society. One winner is selected from each of the seven FiO subcommittees. Winners receive a complimentary OSA three-year student membership, an award stipend of $300 USD and an award certificate.


      Incubic/Milton Chang Travel Grant

      Funded by an endowment from Milton and Rosalind Chang, this program provides 10 grants of $500 USD each to enable students who present papers to travel to Frontiers in Optics. Grants are awarded to the presenter and usually the first author of the paper.


      Jean Bennett Memorial Student Travel Grant

      Established in 2008, in memory of Jean M. Bennett, a highly decorated research physicist who was recognized for her contributions to the studies of optical surfaces and served as OSA’s first female president, this $1,000 USD grant is awarded to a student presenting their work at FiO. This competition is administered by the OSA Foundation and is made possible through the generous support of Nanoptek Corporation, the Pennsylvania State Univ. Department of Physics and individual contributors.


      OSA Student Chapter & Local Section Excellence Prizes

      Community/Youth Education Outreach

      This category is for chapters and sections who have made a difference in their local communities. These are chapters/ sections who visit schools and science fairs, create their own outreach kits as well as using the Explore Optics Kit and the Optics Suitcase in order to teach youth about the science of light.

      Professional Development

      This category is for chapters/ sections that are well-oiled machines. These are chapters/sections that hold technical conferences and lecture series with the polish of many professional conferences as well as chapters/sections who are able to guarantee a special experience for members and support diversity and inclusion within both the chapter/section and the optics and photonics community.

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