• Technical Conference:  09 – 12 October 2023
  • Science + Industry Showcase:   09 – 11 October 2023

2022 Invited Speakers – FiO

2022 FiO Invited Speakers

FiO 1

Fabrication, Design and Instrumentation

Bruce Burckel, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Fabrication and Characterization of Large Area Plasmonic Metasurface Lenses

Juergen Czarske, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
Deep Learning and 3D-Printed Optics for Lensless Fiber Endoscopy in Biomedicine

Andy Harvey, University of Glasgow, UK

Beating Diffraction in Real-Time 3D Microscopy

Hong Hua, University of Arizona, USA
Optical Design for Head-Mounted Light Field Displays

Brandon Redding, US Naval Research Laboratory, USA
Distributed Fiber Sensing Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering

FiO 2

Optical Interactions

Ayman Abouraddy, CREOL, University of Central Florida, USA
Space-Time Wave Packets in Cavities and Waveguides: Omni-Resonance and Supermodes


Ritesh Agarwal, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Three-Dimensional Twistronic Photogalvanic Effect - A New Paradigm of Light-Matter Interaction


Yeong-Hwan Ahn, Ajou University, Republic of Korea

Terahertz Label-Free Identification of Pathogens

Kayn Forbes, University of East Anglia, UK
Structured Light Chirality: Past, Present, and Future


David Novoa, University of the Basque Country, Spain

Efficient Quantum Frequency Conversion Using Hollow Anti-Resonant Fibers


Clara Saraceno, Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany

High-Power Ultrafast Moves into the Terahertz Domain

Haiwen Wang, Stanford University, USA
Generation of Novel Optical Singularities: Spatiotemporal Vortices and Real Space Monopole Points

FiO 3

Quantum Electronics

Hannes Bernien, University of Chicago, USA
A Dual Species Atom Array Quantum Processor

Benjamin Brecht, Paderborn University, Germany
Time-Multiplexed Photonic Quantum Systems

William Cody Burton, Quantinuum, USA
Toward Scaling Trapped Ion Quantum Computers: Simultaneous Junction Transport of Qubit and Coolant Ions

Lukasz Dusanowski, Princeton University, USA
Individual Rare Earth Ions in Nanophotonic Structures for Quantum Networks Applications

Liang Feng, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Orbital Angular Momentum of Microlaser

Ido Kaminer, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
Free-Electron Radiation in the Form of Optical Cat and GKP States

Xiaoying Li, Tianjin University, China
Quantum Enhanced Measurement Using SU(1,1) Nonlinear Interferometers

Yongmin Liu, Northeastern University, USA
Accelerating the Design of Photonic Metamaterials by Deep Learning

Galan Moody, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Integrated Quantum Photonics with AlGaAs-on-Insulator

Stefania Sciara, INRS-EMT, Canada
On-Chip Generation and Telecom-Compatible Processing of Complex Photonic Systems in Time and Frequency

Matteo Secli, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Disorder-Enhanced Nonlinear Topological Photonics

Paul Seidler, IBM Research GmbH, Germany
Microwave-Optical Transduction with Integrated Gallium Phosphide Devices

Mohammad Soltani, Raytheon BBN Technologies, USA
Prospects of Cryogenic Photonic Integrated Circuits for Scalable Classical and Quantum Sensing and Computing Systems​

Caterina Vigliar, DTU Fotonik, Denmark
Error Protection for Photonic Qubits on a Silicon Chip

FiO 4

Fiber Optics and Optical Communications Photonics

Youichi Akasaka, Fujitsu Network Communications, USA
Performance Improvement of Highly Nonlinear Fiber for Future Optical Signal Processing

Ezra Ip, NEC Laboratories America Inc., USA
Field Trials of Vibration Detection, Localization and Classification Over Deployed Telecom Fiber Cables

Oleg Sinkin, Corning Inc., USA
High-Density Connectivity Solutions for Data Centers

Han Sun, Infinera Corporation, Canada
Probabilistic Constellation Shaping: System Benefits and Considerations for Interoperability

Peter Winzer, Nubis Communications, USA
Optical Network Capacity Scaling: Why Spatial Parallelism is the Only Way

Mengjie Yu, University of Southern California, USA
Integrated Photonic Components on Thin Film Lithium Niobate for Optical Communication

FiO 5

Photonic Integrated Devices and Applications

Juejun Hu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Integration of Free-Form Micro-Optics with PICs for Sensing, Packaging, and Optical Manipulation

Kazuhiro Kuruma, Harvard University, USA
Diamond Photonic and Phononic Crystals for Controlling Color Centers

Uriel Levy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Advanced Topics in Metasurfaces

Ai-Qun Liu, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Recent Progress in Optical Computing Chip for Artificial Intelligent Applications

Wesley Sacher, Max-Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics, Germany
Visible-Light Integrated Photonic Platforms and Devices with Applications to Neurotechnology

Jelena Vuckovic, Stanford University, USA
Scalable Semiconductor Quantum Systems

S.J. Ben Yoo, University of California, Davis, USA
Neuormorphic Computing with 3D Electronic-Photonic-Integrated Circuits 

Weipeng Zhang, Princeton University, USA
FPGA-Silicon Photonics Hybrid Processor Solves Broadband Radio Interference in Real-Time

FiO 6

Biology, Medicine, Vision and Color

Marti Duocastella, Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
Acousto-Optic Light Engineering for High-Speed Microscopy

Ewa Magdalena Goldys, University of New South Wales, Australia
Machine and Deep Learning Uncover Hidden Regularities of Colours And Patterns in Biological Cells and Tissues

Andreas H. Hielscher, New York University, USA
Vascular Optical Tomographic Imaging for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Monitoring

Kristina Irsch, CNRS Paris & Johns Hopkins University, France
Quantitative In Vivo Human Microscopy via the Cornea

Irina V. Larina, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
In Vivo Imaging of Early Embryonic Development with Functional OCT

Martin Villiger,  Harvard University , USA
Confocal and Coherence Gating Through Multimode Fiber


FiO 7

Information Acquisition, Processing and Display

David Blinder, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Computational Holography for 3D Television: Generation, Compression and Display Systems

Kyoji Matsushima, Kansai University, Japan
Challenges to Tera-Pixel-Scale Full-Parallax Computer Holography for 3D Imaging

Takanori Nomura, Wakayama University, Japan
Lensless Photography with a Random Mask

Kemao Qian, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Motion Error Suppression by Better Phase Extraction in Dynamic Fringe Projection Profilometry

Xinzhu Sang, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China
Glasses-Free 3D Light-Field Display

Qiong-Hua Wang, Beihang University, China
Holographic 3D Display System with Wide Viewing Angle and Large Size