• Technical Conference:  09 – 12 October 2023
  • Science + Industry Showcase:   09 – 11 October 2023
  • Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA

Theme Programs

Theme Image: Quantum Technologies

Conference Themes — Connecting Research & Applications

The technical program is enhanced by three applications-based themes that represent leading-edge technologies in optics and photonics. Each theme operates as a unique "workshop" within the conference. Each theme is anchored by at least one Visionary Speaker and presented via industry-focused sessions featuring an all-invited roster of panelists and speakers.

Machine Learning

Provides an interdisciplinary platform to learn about and discuss a wide range of optics and photonics topics that machine learning has recently impacted. 

Invited speakers will provide both historical retrospectives and state-of-the-art views on emerging machine learning techniques being applied to optics and photonics applications. The topics include computational imaging, metaphotonics, optical computing, biophotonics and many more. Through these talks, attendee will learn about the newest machine learning technologies applied to optics and photonics and some of the emerging concepts in embedding optical physics into machine learning-based designs.

Quantum Technologies

Quantum-related topics have quickly become an essential component of conference technical content — a recognition of its promise of stronger encryption, enhanced computational power and improved and novel sensors, as well as increased funding for quantum initiatives throughout the world.

This theme program  latest theoretical developments and experimental implementations in areas such as quantum computing, quantum sensing for industry and fundamental physics and quantum communications.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Vision

Provides a gateway to learning about unique and long-standing optical and computational challenges for displays. As today’s devices are only at the beginning of a long journey, numerous future optical innovations could help us reach perceptually realistic images with devices that ultimately appear to be ordinary eyeglasses.  

Attendees will learn about the newest VR/AR technologies, lessons learned in building practical systems and what specific applications appear to be the most promising.