• Technical Conference:  09 – 12 October 2023
  • Science + Industry Showcase:   09 – 11 October 2023
  • Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma (Greater Seattle Area), Washington, USA

On Demand Presentation Guidelines

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Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science will be presented with the Optica Laser Congress as an in-person event with on-demand content. For individuals who requested a On Demand presentation during submission and were selected for presentation in an On Demand Oral session, prerecorded videos from remote presenters will be available on demand either during the event or soon after it concludes. This format will be facilitated using the Zoom web conferencing platform. If you have never used Zoom, instructions on creating an account and basic features are included in the Introduction to Zoom .

Optica Virtual Background

We encourage all On Demand presenters to use the Optica background when presenting—either live or in a prerecorded video. 

The Zoom platform allows you to customize your virtual background in Settings/Virtual Background.

  1. Download the Optica virtual background image or save the image displayed above (PC users: right click on image, then select "Save as"; Mac users: drag and drop image or CNTRL-click, then "Save Image As")
  2. Select the "+" button to add the image to your Zoom client.
  3. Select "Mirror my Video".

Note: Virtual backgrounds work best when you present in front of a bare wall with no bright light behind you.

Pre-recording Your Presentation in Zoom

Deadline to Remit: 29 September 2023

Note: In order to record your presentation, you must first download and install the Zoom client: https://zoom.us/download.

  1. Open Zoom. In your profile, click "Settings", then "Recordings". Be sure that Local Recordings is on.
  2. At the upper right corner, it will say “Host a Meeting”. Click on “Host a Meeting with Video”, and follow the instructions to download and run Zoom or wait for the meeting to generate.
  3. Be sure your audio and video are both on and working. The video is required in order to ensure a high-quality experience for the audience.
  4. The size of the webcam will be 224x126 pixels in the upper right corner.  Once you start screen sharing, your video will move to the upper right-hand corner and may potentially cover text or images.  Please adjust your presentation accordingly.
  5. Become familiar with the Zoom tools available at the bottom of your screen.  We encourage the use of the embedded laser pointer during the recording. For an example of a good recording, view the  OFC tutorial, which has been made open access, thanks to the instructor. 
  6. Press the “Record” button.  Select “Share Screen” and begin your presentation. As a reminder, your presentation should not exceed 12 minutes for contributed and 25 minutes for invited (unless otherwise noted). If your presentation exceeds these time limits, it may be stopped before your conclusion.
  7. Once you have finished your presentation, you can select “Stop Record” and then end the meeting, or simply end the meeting, which will stop the recording.  It will begin to convert your video to your local system into three files: .m4a, .m3u and .mp4 file.
Uploading Your Presentation to the Submission System

Your presentation can be uploaded by logging into the ScholarOne system using the same link that you used to submit and answer presentation preference questions.  This link will be resent to you in an email from the meeting management.  Follow the instructions below to upload your presentation.  Be sure to upload your presentation by 29 September 2023.   Receiving your recorded presentation by this date is a requirment to be published.  Int)..

  1. Once the recording is complete, use the submission system link to log in.  Use the username and password associated with your Optica account to sign in.   Your username is generally your email address.  If you have forgotten your password you may use the forgot password function.  *User ID and password are case-sensitive.  
  2. Once you log in, you should have a Message Alert on your welcome screen.  Click on “Respond to Meeting invitation.” If you do not have this alert, you can access your invitations manually. On the top navigation bar, select Messages.  This should give you the option to see either emails sent to you or invitations.  Select Invitations.  If you do not see an alert box or any invitations in your Message tab, it's possible you have duplicate accounts in the system.  Please contact cstech@optica.org and ask them to check your account.  Someone should be able to merge them and get back to you shortly.
  3. Your invitation to make your presentation preference selection and upload your video should appear on your screen.  On the left-hand side of your screen under ACTION, select View or View & Respond.
  4. A message providing upload instructions will appear once you respond.  Please update your presentation preference if you have not already done so.  The box to upload your presentation will appear at the bottom of the page.  Upload your video by clicking on the “Browse” button located beside the upload box at the bottom of your screen.  When you complete recording your presentation in zoom, you will see three different files: .m4a, .m3u, and .mp4. You will only need to upload the .mp4 file as that file incorporates Audio, Camera and Content Slides (PowerPoint) all in a single file.
  5. Hit the SAVE button after you uploaded the video. Your screen will not close, but your answer will be recorded.  On the bottom right-hand side of the invitation, select Accept Invitation.  This will indicate in our system that you have completed the survey.  If you have already answered a previous invitation in the system (for example you have previously selected a presentation preference and you are now going back to upload your video), you will not see the Accept button.  This is fine and will not interfere with your upload.  Please note, you do not have to answer both questions at the same time and can log in to change your presentation preference and/or to provide an upload at any point. 
  6.  If you need to update your video after the initial upload, simply log back in using the same steps and upload a new video.  If you need assistance, please contact cstech@optica.org and make sure to include your presentation ID ##final_id##. 
  7. Depending on the size of your file, the upload may take some time, so be patient.   If you need assistance in the process, or are not able to see the invitation or upload boxes, contact cstech@optica.org


Hints and Tips for a Successful Presentation

  • For instructions on creating a Zoom account, Click here.
  • Test your Zoom connection ahead of time, especially your audio and video
  • Ensure your microphone, headphone or speakerphone is near you. 
  • Mute your Zoom session or phone when not in use.
  • Avoid bright lights and windows behind you. 
  • Good light in front of you (on your face) will provide for a better image.
  • Test any virtual backgrounds that you may be utilizing to ensure there are no video irregularities.


Helpful Zoom Links and Tutorials

The following links and documents may be useful as you prepare for your virtual presentation

Creating a Zoom Account
Screen Sharing
Audio/Video Testing
Screen Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation