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John Dexheimer

John DexheimerJohn Dexheimer is President of LightWave Advisors, Inc.; a partner of First Analysis Private Equity Fund IV and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Yale. He has been involved for 30 years in financing, board and executive roles in companies across a broad range of sizes, stages and technology sectors—electronics, software, communications systems, materials, semiconductors and for over 20 years in photonics. He earned an MBA from Harvard University and a B.S from the University of Minnesota, College of Science and Engineering where he is on the Dean’s Advisory Board. He lead the IPO of Uniphase (JDSU) and its acquisitions leading them into the optical-communications market, made several investments in photonics firms, advised others and served on several boards.

Christoph Harder

HarderDr. Christoph Harder has received in Electrical Engineering the Diploma from the ETH in 1979, Zurich and the Master in 1980 and the PhD in 1983, both from Caltech, California, USA. He has completed in 2001 the TEP at the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration.

Christoph has worked for 14 years at the IBM research lab in Rüschlikon in technology development and transfer. He is co-founder of the spun-out IBM Zurich Laser Enterprise which pioneered the 980nm diode lasers which today power up a large fraction of the worldwide internet. In order to bring technology to the market he has held a variety of staff and management positions at ETH, Caltech, IBM (Switzerland and USA), Uniphase, JDSU, Nortel and Bookham and presently he is the principle partner at Harder&Partner.

Dr. Harder has received honors: Fulbright Scholarship, IBM Master Inventor, IEEE/LEOS Kressel award and OSA fellow. He is member of SATW (and on SAB), IEEE/LEOS and OSA. He has been (or is) on the board of JDSU, Nortel, Bookham, Switzerland AG and IEEE Photonics, OSA, BHL AG, Swissmem topic group “Photonics” and Swissphotonics.

Dr. Harder is the President of the „Verein Schweizer Laser und Photonik Netz“ which is supported as “Swissphotonics NTN” by the CTI and by Photonics21.

Jim Melzer

MelzerJim Melzer is the Technical Director for Advanced Projects at Thales Visionix, Inc, (TVI), where he has been for three years. He was previously a Technical Fellow with Rockwell Collins, where he designed head- and helmet-mounted displays for flight, simulation, medical, professional and space applications for over 30 years. He holds a BS from Loyola University of Los Angeles and an SM from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has extensive experience in optical and displays engineering, visual human factors, and is an expert head-mounted display and sensor systems. His research interests are in visual and auditory perception and in bio-inspired applications of invertebrate vision and animal navigation. He has authored over 50 technical papers, books and book chapters and holds eight patents in head-mounted display design.

Lora Nugent

NugetLora Nugent is a Senior Optical Engineer in the Advanced Connected Sustainability Technologies division of Honeywell, Inc. located in Broomfield, CO, integrated into a team of scientists pursuing cutting-edge research and development for atomic physics applications. Previously, Lora has built and implemented laser-based frequency comb sources for atmospheric spectroscopy and atomic clock stability measurements while working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, CO. Lora’s post-doctoral work involved a variety of laser and optics integrated systems, including using optical tweezers to study single DNA molecules and tracking individual quantum dot fluorescence. Lora received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO.

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