• Technical Conference:  31 October – 04 November 2021
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  02 – 03 November 2021

About Us

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S is a world-leading manufacturer of optical thin film coatings with more than fifty years of experience. In the 1970s, Delta pioneered optical monitoring techniques to control deposition. With its unique and advanced optimisation software to match customers' particular optical specifications, Delta Optical Thin Film A/S ensures a fast and efficient design process. With its unique design tools Delta is able to tailor filters to any application with competitive pricing at high volume.

In the early 1990s Delta pioneered computer controlled optical monitoring and automatic deposition of advanced optical coatings, helping the world's leading manufacturers of analytical instruments in setting new standards. Already in 2005, Delta Optical Thin Film A/S successfully managed to produce optical filters with the Ultra-Hard-Coated technology. Delta Optical Thin Film A/S has then led the way towards an ever-increasing complexity and performance ofoptical filters.


Product Showcase

Continuously Variable Filters
Filters for Point of Care (PoC) applications
Continuously Variable Order Sorting Filters
Continuously Variable Bandpass Filters for Hyperspectral Imaging


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