• Technical Conference:  31 October – 04 November 2021
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  02 – 03 November 2021

Inrad Optics

Inrad Optics

About Us

Inrad Optics manufactures exceptional crystalline materials, precision glass and metal optical components and photonic devices.  Vertically integrated from growth through systems, products include non-linear crystals, Pockels cells, UV filters, neutron scintillation crystals, thin crystal x-ray focusing monochromators, large transmission flats, electro-optical window assemblies, waveplates, toroids, and aspheric off-axis mirrors.


Product Showcase

Nonlinear Crystals
X-ray Monochromators
Scintillation Crystals
Windows and Optical Flats



Mailing Address
181 Legrand Ave.
Northvale, NJ 07647-0000, USA

Donna Goldman
Sales and Marketing Manager
+1 201-767-1910
Jonathan Norton
Sales Engineer
+1 201-767-1910