• Technical Conference:  31 October – 04 November 2021
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  02 – 03 November 2021

Tratech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC

Tratech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC

About Us

Tratech Specialty Optical Fibers leverages more than two decades working with PCF to provide assemblies designed to address a wide range of emerging applications in the field of Quantum Information and Science Technology (QIST).  One of the first in the industry to offer high-power PCF cables, TSOF has the experience and capability to provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions to address the needs of researchers and engineers working with advanced Quantum platforms such as trapped ion and neutral atom systems.  Our custom termination options and ability to integrate PCF into standard FO connector interfaces enables our customers to benefit from the performance advantages of PCF without the need to re-engineer optical tooling and hardware. Through collaboration with National Labs, Universities, high-tech start-ups and global corp., we have developed many proprietary designs & processes that empower our partners to benefit from the unique functionality PCF offers.


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Lisa Young
Tratech Specialty Optical Fibers LLC