• Technical Conference:  31 October – 04 November 2021
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  02 – 03 November 2021

Zurich Instruments

Zurich Instruments

About Us

Zurich Instruments makes lock-in amplifiers, arbitrary waveform generators, impedance analyzers, quantum computing control systems, phase-locked loops and boxcar averagers. In combination with LabOne®, the Zurich Instruments control software, a new benchmark is set for instrumentation in the DC to Gigahertz range. This unique approach reduces the complexity of laboratory setups, removes sources of problems and supports new measurement strategies that enable the progress of research.

Scientists and engineers at advanced research laboratories and in leading hi-tech organizations require powerful measurement instrumentation and tools for dynamic signal analysis. Zurich Instruments equipment allows for robust and reliable setups with best-in-class performance thanks to the unique integration of the latest electronic components. This is backed up by scientific staff with detailed application know-how and a customer support organization that is also second to none.


Product Showcase

Programmable Quantum System Controller (PQCS)
750 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator (HDAWG)
Quantum Computing Control System (QCCS)
The SHFQA 8.5 GHz Quantum Analyzer




Mailing Address
Technoparkstrasse 1
Zurich, 8005, Switzerland

Tobias Thiele
Application scientist
Vikrant Mahajan
Vice President Sales and Operations USA