• Technical Conference & Exhibit:  01 – 04 November 2021

Armadillo SIA

Armadillo SIA

About Us

Armadillo SIA is an exclusive supplier of specialized fiber optics and hybrid photonic solutions. Our manufacturing plants are completely vertically integrated: raw material preform production, fiber drawing & sub-assembly manufacturing (pig-tails and patch cords to custom fiber bundles & fused ends solutions). Product Features: Fibers 40 - 2,000 µm core, N.A. range 0.06 - 0.57, Range of applications from 180 - 16,000nm wavelength. Now offering Non-Circular Core and Concentric Multi Core fibers!




Mailing Address
Krisjana Valdemara 33-11A
Riga, 1010, LATVIA

Ilya Rotenstein
Business Development
+1 408.834.7422