• Technical Conference:  31 October – 04 November 2021
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  02 – 03 November 2021

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FiO + LS is managed by:
The Optical Society (OSA)
2010 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20036  USA

General Attendee Information

c/o OSA Customer Service -
FiO + LS Management
Tel: +
Fax: +1.202.416.6140

Exhibit and Exhibitor Services
Tel: +1.202.416.1911 or +1.202.416.1981

Exhibit Sales
Tel: +1.202.416.1988
Fax: +1.202.416.1408

Exhibitor Accounts (Payments, Invoices, Booth Location or Contact Changes)
Tel: +1.202.416.1942
Fax: +1.202.416.1408

Sponsorship Sales
Tel: +1.202.416.1988
Fax: +1.202.416.1408

Media Relations
Tel: +1.202.416.1435

Exhibitors - Who to Contact if You:

Want more information on developing a customized sponsorship: exhibitsales@osa.org or +1.202.416.1988

Need a copy of an exhibit space invoice or information about your booth/sponsorship/advertising payment: exhibitaccounts@osa.org or +1.202.416.1942.

Need to order furniture for the booth: T3 Expo Customer Service – help@t3expo.com or +1.888.698.3397x309.

Need to make a change to the Exhibit Guide description for your company: exhibits@osa.org or +1.202.416.1911.

Need to change the primary contact of record: exhibitaccounts@osa.org or +1.202.416.1942

Have questions about booth set-up times, shipping addresses or other logistical questions:  exhibits@osa.org or +1.202.416.1911.

Have to make a change to your registration: OSA Customer Service – cust.serv@osa.org  or +1.202.416.1907

Not sure who to call? When in doubt you can always contact OSA Customer Service – cust.serv@osa.org or +1.202.416.1907 and we will point you in the right direction.