• Technical Conference:  16 – 19 September 2019
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  17 – 18 September 2019

Science & Industry Showcase

The Science & Industry Showcase:
Exhibitors, Posters, Presentations and Demonstrations

The FiO exhibition transforms into the Science & Industry Showcase in which exhibiting companies are partnered with technology demonstrations, networking events, poster presentations, e-Posters and Rapid-fire Oral Presentations. Here are some of the activities that took place at the 2018 conference.

Exhibit Hall Activities

OIDA VIP Industry Leaders Speed Meetings Lunch


This session brings together industry executives to share their business experience with early career professionals, recent graduates and students. Learn how they started their careers, lessons learned and how they are using their degrees in executive positions. Informal networking over lunch is followed by a transition to “speed meetings” — brief, small-group visits with each executive to discuss industry trends or career topics. 

Participating Executives include:  

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Leveraging LinkedIn – Building Relationships, Attracting Recruiters, Finding the Best Jobs and Growing Your Network


Networking is the primary way people build relationships to learn about unadvertised career opportunities, get their foot in the door at a company and grow their professional contacts. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to accomplish all of these goals. LinkedIn is, by far, the most popular social media platform used by professionals in the workforce, as well as recruiters looking to fill open positions. Learning how to create and present a strong LinkedIn profile is essential for building relationships, developing a professional network, establishing your brand and thought leadership and finding new career opportunities. As LinkedIn frequently enhances its platform to offer new features, this workshop will also introduce any new tools and features that will benefit LinkedIn users.
After this workshop, you will be able to:
1. Build a strong personal LinkedIn profile to enhance your networking experiences
2. Understand how recruiters use LinkedIn to identify candidates for positions and improve your chances of being found by recruiters on LinkedIn
3. Learn LinkedIn features and tools, along with a strategy to make the best use of LinkedIn and its features and tools, to enhance your career development goals

Speaker: Josh Henkin, STEM Career Services, USA

Understanding the National Quantum Initiative


The U.S. is getting serious about quantum research and technology. Several bills have been introduced in Congress to advance this area of research, and two of which would create a large new coordinated federal effort cutting across academia, laboratories, and Industry. Join this session to learn from where this National Quantum Initiative originated, what is and how you can get involved.


Entrepreneur - That’s French for Crazy Person


Serial entrepreneur and seasoned executive, Sujatha Ramanujan will share her philosophy on creating a successful start-up with an emphasis on building the right team, understanding your market and ensuring your technology, solution or product gives you an advantage over others. She will share information on Luminate (the world’s only accelerator for optics, photonics, and imaging) and its focus on bringing visionary entrepreneurs from around the globe together with OPI pioneers and qualified investors to help start-ups speed innovation and time to market. She also detail how entrepreneurs can apply to be a part of Luminate’s next cohort by Sept. 24. Sujatha Ramanujan is a Managing Director at Luminate Accelerator, USA.

A Look toward the Future — Remarks from the OSA President


Under the leadership of OSA President Ian Walmsley, the Society has engaged in scenario planning that will shape the future of the Society. What are the biggest disruptors facing The Optical Society in 2030? What are new products and member services that the Society will offer in 2030? OSA is seeking your input. Join President Walmsley and members of the Board of Directors for an engaging presentation and discussion focused on the professional society of the future.

Job Seeker Tutorial - WORKinOPTICS.com


Attend this session and learn how to navigate the WORKinOPTICS career board and maximize your chances of getting the perfect job. WORKinOPTICS is the global talent hub for optics and photonics professionals. Start your search today

Frontiers in Funding


This program, featuring representatives from funding agencies, will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear about the latest in science funding with a focus on the conference themes. Throughout the exhibit attendees will be able to further explore and discuss opportunities at agency alley on the show floor.

Enabling and Entangling: the Tools to Innovate in Quantum Technology.


This presentation will be delivered by Vincent Tagliamonti from TOPTICA Photonics.

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