• Technical Conference:  15 – 19 September 2019
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  17 – 18 September 2019

Program & Speakers


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Join the Visionaries at FiO + LS

The meeting unites The Optical Society (OSA) and American Physical Society (APS) communities for four days of quality, cutting-edge presentations, fascinating invited speakers and a variety of special events. 

Conference Themes

The Technical Conference is now organized around four themes that leverage the intersection between science and applications— the end result is intended to illustrate the research within the technology. 

Visionary Speakers

Plenary and invited speakers will still be an essential part of the technical program. However, a new category, visionary speakers, has been added to the mix. These individuals come from within and beyond the optics and photonics community — each equipped to provide insight into cutting-edge advances related to the four conference themes.


As befitting the OSA Annual Meeting, all members will be given the ability to present a contributed paper.

Rapid-fire Oral Presentations were introduced last year, held in the Science Showcase Theater during the first hour of each poster session, a select number of poster presenters offer Rapid-fire Oral Presentations, which consist of a brief oral presentation accompanied by slides. This format enables poster presenters to preview key results from their research in brief, five-minute segments. In the session’s second hour, presenters are available for more in-depth discussions adjacent to their accompanying posters. 

A select number of presentations will be offered as e-Posters—which supplements the author’s introduction, motivation, results and conclusions with digital capabilities that aid deeper discussion.

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