• Technical Conference:  13 – 17 September 2020
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  15 – 16 September 2020

2019 Invited Speakers

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  • Clara Rivero-Baleine
    Lockheed Martin , USA
    Advanced Materials for Next Generation EO/IR Sensors
  • Cristina Canavesi
    LighTopTech Corp., USA
    Gabor domain optical coherence microscopy imaging, from cellular to nano-class, and perspectives
  • Roland Terborg
    ICFO -Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, Spain
    Generation of Periodic Structured Illumination Patterns with Compact Birefringent Elements
  • Tigran Galstian
    Universite Laval, Canada
    Variable Liid Crystal Lens
  • Xiaoming Yu
    CREOL, University of Central Florida, USA
    Exploiting Novel Multi-Pulse Induced Physics for Fabrication
  • Eva Hemmer
    University of Ottawa, Canada
    Up and Down - Exploring Optical Properties of Lanthanide-based Materials
  • Julio Gutierrez-Vega
    , MEXICO

  • Julio Gutierrez-Vega
    Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico
    Topological transformation of spirally polarized vector fields
  • Luca Dal Negro

  • Luca Dal Negro
    Boston University, USA
    Design and engineering of aperiodic optical nanostructures for photonics
  • Maciej Szkulmowski
    , POLAND

  • Maciej Szkulmowski
    AM2M , Poland
    Ultrafast Scanning Laser imaging
  • Nelson Tabiryan

  • Nelson Tabiryan
    Beam Enginering for Adv Measurements Co, USA
    Comparative analysis of planar optics technology alternatives
  • Simon Gross

  • Simon Gross
    Macquarie University, Australia
    Ultrafast laser inscribed 3D glass photonics: from a curiosity to commercial applications
  • Xiaojun Wu
    , CHINA

  • Xiaojun Wu
    Beihang University, China
    Generation of Strong-field Terahertz Radiation and its Applications
  • Anthony Laing
    University of Bristol, UK
    Photonic Quantum Simulations
  • Costanza Tonninelli
    University Florence, Italy
    Quantum Photonics with Single Organic Molecules
  • Mercedes Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia
    Psi Quantum, USA
    Photonic Quantum Computing
  • Pascale Senellart
    CNRS-C2N, France
    Single Quantum Dot Single Photon Sources
  • Paul Barclay
    University of Calgary, Canada
    Diamond and Spin Nano-Optomechanics
  • Stephane Kena-Cohen
    Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada
    Manipulating Light and Matter using Strong Light-Matter Coupling
  • Yasutomo Ota
    University of Tokyo , Japan
    Hybrid integration of quantum dot-nanocavity systems on silicon
  • Francesco Poletti
    University of Southampton, UK
    Recent Advances in Hollow Core Fiber Technology
  • Keren Bergman
    Columbia University, USA
    Energy Efficient Data Centers Photonic Architectures with Bandwidth Steering
  • Koji Takeda
    NTT, Japan
    Sub-micron buried Heterostructure Photonic-crystal Lasers on Silicon
  • Odile Liboiron-Ladouceur
    McGill University, Canada
    Efficient Optical Interconnects through Photonic-Electronic Co-design Approaches
  • Alfredo De Rossi
    Thales Research & Technology, France
    Optical Signal Processing & Light Matter Interaction in III/V PhC
  • Michal Lipson
    Columbia University, USA
    Silcon Photonics
  • Nathalie de Leon
    Princeton University, USA
    Long Distance Quantum Networks based on Color Centers in Diamond
  • Anna Yaroslavsky
    University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
    Quantitative Cytopathology of Breast Cancer
  • Christoph Hitzenberger
    Medizinische Universität Wien, Austria
    Advanced Concepts for Quantitative Doppler OCT
  • Guennadi Saiko
    Oxilight Inc, Canada
    Bringing a Medical Device to Market: Startup Perspective
  • Lingyan Shi
    Columbia University, USA
    SRS Imaging of Metabolic Dynamics in Animals
  • Sergey Ermilov
    Photosound Technologies, USA
    High Resolution 3D Imaging Platform for In Vivo Assessment of Preclinical Murine Models
  • C.J Cheng
    National Taiwan Normal University, China
    Holograpjhic 3D microscopy
  • Tomasz Kozacki
    Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
    Holographic Displays of Incoherent Light
  • Yaping Zhang
    Kunming Univ of Science and Technology, China
    Polygon-based CGH
  • Alexander Govorov
    Ohio University, USA
    Hot-Electron Generation in Plasmonic Metastructures: Size and Shape Matter
  • Andrew White
    University of Queensland, Australia
    Communicating via ignorance & imaging via counting
  • Bill Phillips
    National Inst of Standards & Technology, USA
    The atomic physics impact of Art Ashkin's Nobel prize work on optical tweezers
  • Brian Smith
    University of Oregon, USA
    Control and measurement of quantum optical pulses
  • David Grier
    New York University, USA
    Tractor beams and related topological tweezers
  • Din Ping Tsai
    Academia Sinica, Taiwan
    Meta-optics: Meta-lens for Imaging and Sensing
  • Elizabeth Goldschmidt
    US Army Research Laboratory, USA
    Rare-earth atoms in solids for quantum photonics
  • Gabriela Schlau-Cohen
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Carotenoid-mediated Light Harvesting in Plants
  • Hong Tang
    Yale, USA
    Superconducting Cavity Electro-Optics for Efficient Microwave-to-Optics Conversion
  • Karl Berggren
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detectors
  • Kenneth Knappenberger
    The Pennsylvania State University, USA
    Probing metal electron and plasmon dynamics using two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy
  • Naomi Halas
    Rice University, USA

  • Olivier Pfister
    University of Virginia, USA
    The quantum optical frequency comb as a quantum computing platform
  • Peter Nordlander
    Rice University, USA
    Plasmon-induced hot carrier generation, relaxation, and applications.
  • Philip Bucksbaum
    Stanford University, USA
    X-rays, attoseconds, and boiling the quantum vacuum: Frontier research made possible by chirped-pulse amplification
  • Sean Roberts
    University of Texas at Austin, USA
    Hybrid Organic:Inorganic Junctions for Energy Conversion and Transport
  • Tongcang Li
    Purdue University, USA

  • Tongcang Li
    Purdue University, USA
    Exploring Physics with Optical Levitation
  • Alexis Debray
    Yole Developments, France
    Market Overview of Sensors for Autonomous Systems
  • Barrie Keyworth
    Lumentum, USA
    Photonic Integration for Next-Gen FMCW LiDAR
  • Charles Pippin
    Georgia Tech Research Inst. for Robotics and Intelligent Machines, USA, USA
    Title to be Announced
  • David Klein
    Introduction to Unmanned Vehicles
  • Erwin Lau
    Exponent, USA
    Panel on Autonomous Platforms: Safety Challenges and Opportunities
  • Gleb Akselrod
    Lumotive, LLC, USA
    Truly Solid-State Lidar Based on Metasurface Beam Steering Technology
  • John D'Ambrosia
    Futurewei, USA
    Panel on Connectivity and Cybersecurity
  • Jonathan Morrison
    NHTSA Chief Counsel, USA
    Panel on Autonomous Platforms: Safety Challenges and Opportunities
  • Paul Banks
    Tetravue Inc., USA
    Detail in 3D
  • Phil Sandborn
    OURS Technology, Inc., USA
    Interference Challenges and Solutions for FMCW LiDAR
  • Pretap Tokekar
    University of Maryland at College Park, USA
    Earth Sensing with Aerial, Ground, and Marine Robots for Environmental Sciences
  • S. William Gouse
    SAE International, USA
    Panel on Autonomous Platforms: Safety Challenges and Opportunities
  • Amy Foster
    Johns Hopkins University, USA
    Title to be Announced
  • Bob Boyd
    University of Ottawa, Canada
    How Light Behaves When the Refractive Index Vanishes
  • Dragomir Neshev
    Australian National University, Australia
    III-V Nonlinear Nanoantennas for Frequency Conversion
  • Edo Waks
    University of Maryland, USA
    Controlling Light With a Single Photon
  • Evelyn Hu
    Harvard University, USA
    TiN Plasmonic Nanostructures: Highly Metallic Behavior with Low Loss
  • Graciana Puentes
    Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Spin Hall Effect of Light in Photonic Materials
  • Kyung Soo Choi
    University of Waterloo, Canada
    Many-body Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) with Atoms and Photons: A New Platform for Quantum Optics
  • Marin Soljacic
    MIT, USA
    A Few Recent Developments in Nanophotonics
  • Martti Kauranen
    Tampere University, Finland
    Resonances and Local Fields of Second-order Nonlinear Plasmonic Metasurfaces
  • Mercedeh Khajavikhan
    CREOL, University of Central Florida, USA
    Title to be Announced
  • Mikhail Lukin
    Harvard University, USA
    An Integrated Two-qubit Quantum Network Node
  • Silvia Vignolini
    University of Cambridge, UK
    Colour Engineering: Form Nature to Applications
  • Thomas Klar
    Johannes Keppler University Linz, Austria
    A Plasmon’s Horizon and Beyond
  • Vahid Sandoghdar
    MPI Erlangen, Germany
    Collective Quantum Optical Effects in Organic Molecules via Nanophotonic Circuits
  • Adam Kaufman
    Frontiers in Optical Atomic Clocks: Challenges, New Platforms, and Entanglement
  • Brenton Young
    AOSense, USA
    Quantum Navigation and Atomic Clocks
  • Carlos Abellan
    Quside Technologies SL, Spain
    Integrated Quantum Entropy Sources
  • Dana Anderson
    ColdQuanta Inc., USA
    Quantum Atomics from 30,000 Feet and from 3 Feet
  • David Anderson
    Rydberg Technologies, USA
    Rydberg Atoms for Quantum Sensing of Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Eleni Diamanti
    Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, France
    Demonstrating Quantum Advantage with Practical Photonic System
  • Franck Pereira dos Santos
    SYRTE, France
    Improving the accuracy of atom gravity sensors
  • Huanqian Loh
    National University of Singapore, Singapore
    Quantum Control of Ultracold Dipolar Molecules
  • Jelena Trbovic
    Zurich Instruments, Switzerland
    Scalable Instrumentation for Quantum Computing and Sensing
  • John Rarity
    University of Bristol, UK
    On Chip Photonics for Quantum Computing and Communication
  • Jonathan Olson
    Zapata Computing Inc., USA
    Optically-Inspired Quantum Algorithms, Techniques, and Ansatzes
  • Joseph Thom
    M Squared Lasers Ltd., UK
    Quantum Sensors for Gravimetry, Navigation and Timekeeping
  • Lev Bishop
    IBM Research Center, USA
    Software and Hardware for Improved Quantum Volume of Transmon Processors
  • Mark Saffman
    University of Wisconsin, USA
    Quantum Computing with Rydberg Atoms
  • Markus Krutzig
    Ferdinand Braun, Germany
    Quantum Sensors and Optical Technologies for Space Applications
  • Michael Biercuk
    Q-ctrl, Australia
    Cloud Based Quantum Control
  • Nan Yu
    California Institute of Technology, USA
    Atomic clocks and quantum sensors in space – opportunities and challenges
  • Philip Bouyer
    Institut d'Optique, France
    Quantum Sensors with Matter Waves : From General Relativity to Gravimetry and Navigation
  • Ravi Kumar
    Atomionics Pte. Ltd, Singapore
    Conceptualization of an Atom-interferometric Setup for Determining Full Tensor Gravity Gradient
  • Robert Young
    Quantum Base, Lancaster University, UK
    Unique Identification with Imperfect Quantum Materials
  • Ronald Holzwarth
    Menlo Systems, Germany
    Title to be Announced
  • William Munro
    NTT Basic Research Laboratories, National Institute of Informatics, Japan
    Designing Quantum Networks: From QKD links to the Quantum Internet
  • Yaseera Ismail
    University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    Improving Quantum Links Using Machine Learning
  • Zachary Dutton
    `Raytheon, USA
    Research and Technology for Scalable Quantum Computing
  • Amitabh Varshney
    University of Maryland at College Park, USA
    Title to be Announced
  • Andrew Jones
    Raxium, USA
    Light Field Displays for Digital Humans
  • Austin Wilson
    University of Arizona, USA
    Mutual Occlusion in Augmented Reality Displays
  • Brian Cranton
    North, Inc., Canada
    Merging Spectacle Rx with AR Displays
  • Brian Wheelwright
    Facebook Reality Labs, USA
    Tradeoffs in VR Optics
  • Byoungho Lee
    Seoul National University, Korea
    AR/VR Display Using Metalens and Focus Tunable Lens
  • David Luebke
    Nvidia, USA
    Reality Needs You! Challenges at the Intersection of Optics, Graphics, and Human Perception
  • Douglas Lanman
    Facebook Reality Labs, USA
    State of the Art in AR/VR Display Systems
  • Edward Tang
    Avegant Corporation, USA
    Optimizing Augmented Reality Displays for Human Vision
  • Henry Fuchs
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA
    Nextgen AR Glasses: Autofocus, Telepresence, and Situationally Aware Personal Assistants
  • Jonghyun Kim
    Nvidia, USA
    Towards Customized Augmented Reality Displays
  • Kavitha Ratnam
    Facebook Reality Labs, USA
    Retinal Image Quality in Pupil-steered Systems
  • Michael Klug
    Magic Leap, USA
    Magic Leap One Light Field Operational Modalities
  • Nitish Padmanaban
    Stanford University, USA
    Autofocals: Gaze-contingent Eyeglasses for Presbyopes
  • Shawn Frayne
    The Looking Glass Factory, USA
    Through the Looking Glass
  • Shin-Tson Wu
    CREOL, University of Central Florida, USA
    Foveated Imaging for AR and VR Displays
  • Yuta Itoh
    Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
    Light Attenuation Display: Subtractive See-Through Near-Eye Display via Spatial Color Filtering

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