• Technical Conference & Virtual Exhibits:  31 October – 04 November 2021

Official Conference Vendors

FiO + LS Official Conference Vendors

FiO + LS official vendors provide various services that help make the conference and exposition run smoothly.


FiO Vendor Seal

IMPORTANT: Show Management cannot guarantee services from companies other than those listed below. If you are contacted by any vendors, always ask them to send you details in writing, and look for the Official FiO + LS Vendor Seal on any written correspondence.

Show Management

The Optical Society
2010 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20036,  USA

Exhibitor Operations & Logistical Services 

Exhibit Sales & Promotional


Official General Service Contractor for the virtual exhibits
T3 Expo


+1.617.764.9895 (Int'l)

Social Media/Public Relations
Exhibit and product promotion via the FiO + LS 2020 official Social Media sites









Warning of potential poachers/scammers

FiO + LS Show Management does not release its exhibitor contact list to anyone except the official show vendors listed above. If you are contacted by a non-official vendor, or are unsure, please provide us with the details regarding these calls or emails. We will follow up aggressively with them. This includes outside companies offering hotel rooms, listings in show directories, lists of attendees/contacts, as well as more standard items for exhibitor booths such as A/V or internet.

Below you'll find a list of non FiO + LS affiliated vendors and known poachers/scammers. Before responding to offers from these companies, please make sure to contact FiO + LS show management:

  • @attendeesb2bdatalists.com (Attendee Lists / COVID-19 scam)
  • @b2bsurfdata.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @b2btradeshow.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @bizleadshub.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @datamarketmedia.com (Attendee/Exhibitor Lists)
  • @deltathoughts.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @ideas-source.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @infob2bdata.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @opt-insolutions.com (Attendee/Exhibitor Lists)
  • @optinbusiness.com (Attendee lists)
  • @pegeonforge.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @prohousingllc.us (Hotel Rooms)
  • @saggingeyelids.com (Attendee Lists)
  • @zenglobalinfo.com (Attendee/Exhibitor Lists)
  • Absolute Exhibits (Trade Show Displays, Booth & Exhibit Rentals)
  • Business Travel Management (Hotel Reservations)
  • Convention Housing Services (Hotel Reservations)
  • christina.tannelhill@gmail.com (Attendee Lists)
  • Events Plus (Hotel Rooms)
  • Exhibition Housing Management (Hotel Reservations)
  • Exhibitor Housing Services (Hotel Reservations)
  • Exhibit Link, Inc. (Booth Designs)
  • Expo Planners (Hotel reservations)
  • Global Events Group Travel (Hotel Reservations)
  • Global Housing Services, Corp. (Hotel Reservations)
  • Global Travel Partners (Hotel Reservations)
  • GSE Audio Visual, Inc. (A/V Rentals)
  • HDMC (Hotel Rooms)
  • HT International Exhibitions LLC (Booth Designs)
  • marsdataleads.com (Attendee lists)
  • National Travel Associates (Hotel Reservations)
  • National Travel Planners (Hotel Reservations)
  • PPG AV (Audio Visual Services)
  • pre-conferencelist.com (Attendee lists) 
  • ProExhibits (Booth Designs)
  • Progress Expo Services (Booth Designs)
  • Trade Fair Services (Travel Arrangements/Hotel Rooms)
  • Trade Show Housing (Hotel Reservations)
  • tradeshow-attendees.com (Attendee lists)
  • Transit Air Cargo, Inc. (Freight Forwarder)
  • VIPDMC (Hotel Reservations)
  • www.expovents.com (Hotel Reserations)