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For the first time in six years, FiO LS 2022 returns to Rochester


20 October 2022


For the first time in six years, FiO LS 2022 returns to Rochester

Plenary presentations detail the latest developments in optical imaging, ultrafast lasers, silicon photonics, diversity and inclusion

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK — Optica announced today that Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science 2022 (FiO LS) has concluded with 1,500+ registrants and 780 contributed papers. With comprehensive, peer-reviewed technical sessions and market-focused programming, FiO LS is a premier forum to learn about innovative advances, research and new technologies from the optics and lasers industry. From quantum computing to advanced imaging technologies, applications for silicon photonics and ultrafast lasers, FiO LS 2022 brought together all aspects of optical and laser science.

Comprehensive High-Quality Programming

“The five-day conference featured over 50 technical sessions, poster presentations, and special events,” said Virginia Tech professor Ting-Chung (T.-C.) Poon and FiO general chair. “The technical program is supplemented by three themes that represent leading-edge applications in optics and photonics. It was wonderful to connect in-person again with the FIO community.”

“FiO LS’s vibrant business-focused programming provided participants with an understanding of current market trends as well as new technologies in optics and laser science,” said Turan Erdogan, Plymouth Grating Laboratory, Inc., and FiO general chair. “Exhibit-floor technical sessions addressed the state of the industry, explored emerging technologies and recommended courses of action to move our industry forward.”

Our team of General Chairs worked with the FIO LS subcommittees to carefully curate a technical program that addresses the breadth and depth of the optics and photonics community,” said David Reis, Director of the Stanford PULSE Institute and LS co-chair. “The meeting's structure was influenced by applications ranging from medicine and vision to integrated photonics to information acquisition and processing.  In addition, there were sessions devoted to fundamental advances from nanophotonics and quantum science to ultrafast materials dynamics to x-ray and high-field laser sciences. “

“For those who are either early or established in their careers, networking events at FiO LS brought together and provided long-lasting, enduring professional connections,” remarked Colorado State University professor Randy Bartels and LS general chair. “The energy of those attendees in-person was of collaboration and happiness to be reunited in Rochester.”

Plenary Programming

Scott Acton, Ball Aerospace & Technologies, USA
Presentation: Peddling a Telescope: Reflections on Aligning the Webb Telescope and Cycling the World Acton explained the alignment and phasing of the recently launched Webb Telescope, the world’s premier space science observatory. He also shared his adventures while attempting to cycle around the world to promote the telescope.

Monika Ritsch-Marte, Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria
Presentation: Opportunities in Optical Imaging by Wavefront Shaping with Spatial Light Modulators
Liquid crystal spatial light modulators (SLMs) provide a wealth of opportunities to extend optical imaging. Used as a programmable Fourier filter, an SLM can emulate various microscopy techniques. SLMs allow for multiplexing the image into sub-images showing different modalities (brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast), customized parameter settings, or different depths inside the sample. Wavefront correction with SLMs also advances the imaging depth in strongly scattering brain tissue.

Visionary Speakers

Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science (FiO LS) was presented in-person and online from 16-20 October in Rochester, New York. This approach accommodated speakers and attendees from across the globe with in-person and on-demand content. FiO LS 2022 is managed by Optica and locally organized by a dedicated committee of volunteers: FiO LS 2022 Committee. FiO LS’s technical presentations cover the range of emerging technologies in laser science, quantum, advanced imaging and more.

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