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Get Connected - What to Know about WiFi Access at FiO/LS 2012

Written by Nicole Moore

By quickly browsing the conference hotels' websites, it appears that we should have greater access to free wifi (especially in the lobbies) than we have sometimes had in the past. The Hyatt apparently still charges $9.99/day for Internet access from the guest rooms.  I will almost definitely end up paying for it since I need to be in touch with my students while I'm away.
I recommend being prepared not to have wifi access from the convention center itself though, as we have not had it in the past. To some extent this is a good thing, since it removes a potential distraction and allows us to focus more intently on the fantastic sessions and reconnecting with friends and colleagues (and forming new connections). It can also be a bit of a headache, since you'll probably have to head to one of the hotels if you need access during a break (or to one of the cafes described in my earlier post about restaurants).

With regards to data service, in 2010, 3G service (AT&T) was generally fine, but you couldn't reach it from all points in the building; I imagine that's stayed more or less the same. I don't know about how well other providers function there.

Another thing you might want to plan for, especially if you're planning on bringing a computer to sessions, is that there aren't very many plugs. I'd advise planning to run off of battery power while you're over there.  It also might be less obtrusive to bring a tablet instead of a computer since they're easier to keep out of other people's sight lines. Since I'm blogging, I'll definitely have devices with me, but I am hoping to primarily use my iPad for both of these reasons. Since I only have the wifi version, I will have to run back to the hotel fairly often.

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