• Technical Conference:  09 – 12 October 2023
  • Science + Industry Showcase:   09 – 11 October 2023
  • Greater Tacoma Convention Center, Tacoma, Washington, USA
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Theme: Quantum Technologies

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Quantum-related topics have quickly become an essential component of conference technical content — a recognition of its promise of stronger encryption, enhanced computational power and improved and novel sensors, as well as increased funding for quantum initiatives throughout the world.

FiO presents two dedicated topic categories that examined the latest theoretical developments and experimental implementations in areas such as quantum computing, quantum sensing for industry and fundamental physics and quantum communications.

Program Committee

Karan Mehta, Cornell University, USA, FiO 3 Quantum Electronics Subcommittee Chair

Chris Myatt, Physicist, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Advisor​, USA

Invited Speakers

Jamil Abo-Shaeer, Vector Atomic, USA
Scott Davis, Vescent Photonics, USA
Chris Haimberger, TOPTICA Photonics Inc​., USA
Nicole Junger Halpern, QuICS/UMD/NIST, USA
Molly Krogstad, Quantinuum, USA
Anjul Loiacono, ColdQuanta/Infleqtion, USA

FiO 3 – Quantum Electronics

Michael Fanto, US Air Force Research Laboratory, United States

Joseph Goodwin, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Tongcang Li, Purdue University, United States

Aseema Mohanty, Tufts University, United States

Joyce Poon, Max-Planck-Inst fur Mikrostrukturphysik, Germany

Joshua Silverstone, University of Bristol, United Kingdom

Dan Wasserman, University of Texas at Austin, United States

LS 2 – Quantum Science

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