• Technical Conference:  16 – 19 September 2019
  • Science & Industry Showcase:  17 – 18 September 2019

Are You Ready to Push the Frontiers?

Are you ready to push the frontiers?

Hey Everyone!

My name is Pedro, I am from Panama, and I’m an optical engineering student from the University of Rochester. I work with Professor Wayne Knox and Professor Julie Bentley in the design of an acoustic lens to be used in photo-acoustic imaging for prostate cancer detection.

FiO/LS brings together two outstanding meetings of scientists and professionals that showcase the foremost discoveries in optics and laser technologies from all over the globe. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in optics and photonics, to engage in fascinating scientific discussions, and to network and have a great time with your colleagues and peers.

Let me open your scientific appetite by outlining a few talks that sparked my interest!

What Can We Learn About Cancer Therapy from Single Cell Tracking 
by Charles P. Lin

“Small numbers of treatment-resistant cancer cells often persist after apparently successful therapy and eventually return to cause disease relapse. We are developing intravital microscopy techniques to uncover the habitat sheltering these residual cancer cells.”

Integrated Nanophotonics Technology for Optical Interconnects 
by Yurii A. Vlasov , Wilfried Haensch

“The IBM Silicon Nanophotonics technology enables cost-efficient optical links that connect racks, modules, and chips together with ultra-low power single-die optical transceivers. I will give an overview of its historical development, technology differentiators, current status and a roadmap.”

Multiscale Optical Imaging for Detection of Oral Cancer 
by Kristen C. Maitland

“Confocal microscopy provides high resolution optical sectioning of epithelial tissue, but with limited field of view. Fluorescence lifetime imaging is employed for macroscopic guidance with biochemical contrast to complement the microscopic morphologic imaging of reflectance confocal microscopy.”

These are just a few of the exceptional talks and presentations you will see throughout the conference, I encourage you to look at the Agenda  and organize your schedule ahead of time!

Additionally, make sure you attend the free Poster Sessions to talk to presenters and ask questions, and the Free Exhibit Presentations to discover new technologies from industry representatives.

Tucson is an extraordinary venue, there are tons of opportunities for thrill-seekers and outdoors lovers, as well as for those attendees looking to relax and hang loose. Look out for my next post; I’ll outline some riveting plans you can do in the “Optics Valley”.



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